However, we are currently seeing modestly improving trends in our advanced bookings. Or is North America essentially going through the same impacts here? The decline is due to softer revenues combined with a higher level of planned marketing expenses. Jeffrey Fan, Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets, Research Division - Director of Telecommunication Services & Canadian & U.S. Telecom and Cable Equity Research Analyst [4]. Your next question comes from the line of Maher Yaghi from Desjardins. We have less truck rolls. In the medium term, we intend to capitalize on a number of initiatives, which we are implementing through this crisis to accelerate our digital transformation program as we expect many customers will continue to use online tools after the crisis. Great. Calling Cotempla the “perfect complement to Adzenys,” he notes that each asset covers one half of the large stimulant market.The analyst added, “Adzenys XR-ODT has experienced impressive prescription growth over the course of the past year, and is now the preferred ADHD alternative dosage form taking over from Pfizer's market-leading Quillivant XR as its new-to-brand market share reached the number 1 position.”Also promising, NEOS offers Adzenys ER, which is an extended-release liquid suspension stimulant product for ADHD. And you would have seen just the interest go down over time. I’ll leave it there. Coconut Shells 6\. Diesel is a distillate; so is jet fuel. Please go ahead, Mr. Ouimet. It wasn't easy, but refiners took the steps to start making less distillate, as they already had done to make less jet fuel and less gasoline earlier. There's a lot of process that were adapted, and through our management network, we've just moved the right information quickly on time for other parts to adapt quickly. Atlantic Broadband's revenue and EBITDA growth were partly offset by declines at Cogeco Connexion. A new online shopping cart was launched in September 2019 through a service gateway, which allow customers to select new services, modify existing ones and schedule an installation appointment without the need for agent assistance. Duraflame, Inc. 12.2. It's Patrice. All right. Although this name has struggled in the past, Cowen thinks that at $0.47 apiece, now is the time to snap up shares.Writing for the firm, analyst Ken Cacciatore acknowledges the momentum that was being driven by Adzenys XR-ODT, the company’s amphetamine-based treatment for ADHD, and Cotempla, its methylphenidate-based CNS stimulant also designed for ADHD, has slowed due to the pandemic. SK Hynix, one of the world’s largest chip makers, announced today it will pay $9 billion for Intel’s flash memory business. We were able to navigate through significant changes in the way we operate during the confinement period and expect to improve operations going forward by capitalizing on lessons learned and a new opportunities – and new opportunities arising from increased connectivity needs. So good morning, everybody, and welcome to our second quarter conference call. So we're going to have to look through this during the quarter. In terms of the previous question from Vince and your question on changes on the current packages, we haven't seen a lot yet. To provide enhanced value for our customers, we have again increased Internet speeds in October with no changes in pricing. And then, obviously, on the commercial television side, you've seen with closures and impact. So that’s a portion, so people wanting faster Internet. When you get around to writing some of this off, does that write-down, does it go above EBITDA from an accounting standpoint? However, the third quarter financial results of Cogeco Inc. were more impacted due to its exposure to the media business as radio advertising revenue was significantly impacted by the pandemic. And the second question I had is, rightfully so, I understand you guys didn't choose to provide a new guidance given that nobody has a crystal ball on when this crisis might end. So it was unusually low in the U.S. in Q2, which created the very significant increase in EBITDA, but which hurts a little bit this year when we do the comparison. Thames Valley operates in the Southeastern Connecticut region, a region contiguous with ABB's existing Connecticut network. But that's future. We do, however, expect our media business to be in a strong position from a market share perspective, when the situation eventually stabilizes the numerous spring rankings as four of our stations at the top marking – at the top of market ranking. An increasing number of people have been engaged in in-home cooking and taking up cooking challenges. The fact that it had been lagging was somewhat of a mystery, given the strong trucking market. The quarterly dividend has been reconfirmed at $0.475 per share. They have a grain of truth.Buying low and selling high has always been known as the way to make a profit, from the earliest days of human barter. Philippe Jetté, Cogeco Inc. - President, CEO & Director [3]. We expect that both companies will achieve low-single digit percentage revenue and EBITDA growth and mid-single-digit percentage free cash flow growth. This target conveys his confidence in LJPC’s ability to climb 402% higher in the next year.What does the rest of the Street have to say? Commercial services revenue growth continued to be strong at 6% and represents 10% of Cogeco Connexion's revenue. When you get around to writing some of this off, does that write-down, does it go above EBITDA from an accounting standpoint? So people are working really hard. So it takes a bit of time to sign up the additional services. As the pandemic is evolving rapidly and its duration is uncertain, Cogeco Communications has proactively managed this crisis to ensure that it could pursue its operations, protect its employees and serve its customers in light of new development occurring every day. So that's about USD 4 million per year. The crisis management team has been successful at anticipating potential operational disruptions and implementing alternate modes of operation. And just another follow-up on the -- your comment, I think it was Patrice who made the comment about DSL shifting over to cable. That number is reached by taking daily consumption, dividing it into inventories and the result is the number of days of consumption that could be covered by existing stocks.For distillate inventories that don't include jet fuel, that number tends to run in the range of 28-35 days.

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