(2012). Synonyms for pulque in Free Thesaurus. Biotechnol. Metab. It usually lasts from 3 to 6 h, but overnight or even extended periods of time (e.g., 3–12 days) are not uncommon (Crist, 1939; Parsons and Darling, 2000; Ramírez Rancaño, 2000; Jennings et al., 2005). (2008). Mora-López, J. L., Reyes-Agüero, J. In vivo anti-infective effect against S. enterica serovar Typhymurium (Giles-Gómez et al., 2016). Despite the Mexican norm NMX-V-037-1972 defined the desirable physicochemical properties of bulk pulque for direct consumption, particularly for density, pH (3.5–4.2), and alcohol degree (4–9%) (Table 2; Secretaría de Economía, 1972b), during traditional production of pulque the degree of fermentation varies according to the producer and is considered adequate when a characteristic alcohol, acetic notes, and texture (viscosity) is reached. Pulque producers will do everything from abstaining from sex during fermentation, to refraining from wearing a hat around the brewing batch. Figure 2. 46, 275–303. These results revealed the presence of a major microbial content associated to the accumulated sap in the maguey cavity (Escalante et al., 2008). 5:1. doi: 10.4172/2324-9323.1000187, Riveros-McKay, F., Campos, I., Giles-Gomez, M., Bolivar, F., and Escalante, A. The emperor and princess wed, and their son was named Meconetzin [mekoˈnet͡sin] (maguey son). However, the industrialization of pulque introduced fundamental changes in the public perception of traditional producers and consumers resulting in a product that the majority of traditional consumers never tasted before. México DF: Fondo de Cultura Económica. (C) Freshly collected aguamiel appearance (Morelos state). In ancient times its consumption was restricted and only priests, nobles and the elderly were allowed to drink it. This production and easy shipment of the drink made Hidalgo rich, and gave rise to a "pulque aristocracy" made up of some of the most powerful families of this time: Torres Adalid, Pimenta y Fagoaga, Macedo and others. Sánchez-Marroquín et al. (2007). This information provides new insights to focus further efforts on the characterization of the potential probiotic of this LAB from pulque. Plasma clearance of ethanol and its excretion in the milk of rural women who consume pulque. [6] After the Spanish Conquest of Mexico, the drink became secular and its consumption rose. Vigen. Further studies on the microbiology of pulque, allowed the identification of a wider bacterial and yeast diversity. SpringerPlus 5:708. doi: 10.1186/s40064-016-2370-7. (2007). Normas Mex. [30] Beer producers promoted the idea that pulque was generally made this way, generally by word of mouth and insinuation. Its in vitro effects on corn tortilla. UNAM, Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales. By the beginning of the twentieth-century pulque production reached about 500 million L/year. [8] In the 20th century, the drink fell into decline, mostly because of competition from beer, which became more prevalent with the arrival of European immigrants. (Most pulque has a relatively mild alcohol content anyway, at around 4 to 6 percent.) Maguey has been cultivated at least since 200 CE in Tula, Tulancingo and Teotihuacan, and wild plants have been exploited for far longer. Timing and rate of speciation in Agave (Agavaceae). Figure 1. Figure 4. The ecology of Zymomonas: a review. Draft genome sequence of Leuconostoc mesenteroides P45 isolated from pulque, a traditional Mexican alcoholic fermented beverage. Pulque[a] (Spanish: ['pulke] (listen); Classical Nahuatl: metoctli[2]), or octli, is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented sap of the maguey (agave) plant. Correlación ecológica entre consumo de bebidas alcohólicas y mortalidad por cirrosis hepática en México. This effort, as well as the diversification of the agave industry, were led in particular by Ignacio Torres Adalid, known as “El Rey del Pulque” (“The King of Pulque” (Ramírez Rancaño, 2000). [28], In spite of its former popularity, pulque represents only 10% of the alcoholic beverages consumed in Mexico today. Based on their physicochemical properties this norm defines two types of aguamiel. Names included (translated) "My Office", "Memories of the Future", "Drink and Go", "I'm Waiting for You Here at the Corner", and, across the street from the National Chamber of Deputies, "The Recreation Center of Those Across the Street". Natural fertilization of agave plantations is self-provided by recycling naturally degraded agave plants or by the addition of agave ashes dispersed around the growing plants. The sap collected from A. mapisaga ‘Blanco’ contains (wt % in dry matter) 11.5% composed mainly of 75% of sugars (sucrose, fructose, glucose, and fructooligosaccharides), 0.3% of free amino acids (essential amino acids with exception of methionine), 3% of proteins, and 3% of ashes. Some were ostentatious with great architectural harmony such as the Montecillos Hacienda, of Spanish colonial style and originally built in the 17th century by the Jesuits or San Antonio Ometusco Hacienda built by architect Antonio Rivas Mercado. Tequila is fermented and distilled to make a strong alcohol, however, while pulque is more like a type of beer, with a relatively low alcohol content and a distinct sour flavor which comes from fermentation. Anthropol. in a minor proportion. However, the next step in the study of pulque microbiology relies on the application of metagenomic approaches to study the entire microbial composition (including both bacteria and yeasts) in combination with other high-throughput omic methodologies such as transcriptomics, metabolomics or proteomics. Los conejos y la embriaguez. For this purpose, around 2 L of fermented pulque are placed in a ~20 L vat made of clay, glass, wood, plastic or fiberglass, were fresh, high-quality aguamiel is poured. [19], After the Conquest, pulque lost its sacred character, and both indigenous and Spanish people began to drink it. In ancient Mesoamerica, pulque was consumed during feasting or ritual ceremonies and was also offered to the gods. Table 1. LAB detected as the most abundant bacteria in pulque such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and L. plantarum (Table 3), are proposed to play an important role also due to their antimicrobial activities. Additionally, diverse killer and killer-resistant yeasts were isolated from aguamiel and pulque, some of them with a remarkable alcohol tolerance (Estrada-Godina et al., 2001) (Table 2). Biotechnol. Metabolic traits of main microbial groups present in aguamiel and during pulque fermentation. Acetic acid metabolism. Clínica Organo Hosp. Agave species used for aguamiel extraction and pulque production. Microb. J. Rev. Vigen. 4, 883–891. The first major work involving pulque is a large mural called the "Pulque Drinkers", unearthed in 1968 at the pyramid of Cholula, Puebla. 58, 1626–1634. Food, music, dancing and the co-mingling of the sexes was prohibited. Soccol, C. R., De Dea, J., Tiemi, C., Rigan, M., Porto de Souza, L., and Soccol, T. (2012). García-Ruiz, A., González de Llano, D., Esteban-Fernández, A., Requena, T., Bartolomé, B., and Moreno-Arribas, M. V. (2014). Wilson, I., and Pineda, A. The tlaquichero "was perhaps the most widely known and successful of the images of Mexican types. Available online at: http://www.economia-nmx.gob.mx/normasmx/detallenorma.nmx?clave=NMX-V-022-1972 [Accessed May 17, 2016]. This has diminished since then since irrigation, roads and other infrastructure has made possible other, more lucrative enterprises. [7], The maguey was one of the most sacred and important plants in ancient Mexico. It was thought that the aguamiel collecting in the center of the plant was her blood. Food Chem. Microbiol., 30 June 2016 [7] In the 1930s, the government of Lázaro Cárdenas campaigned against pulque, as part of an effort to reduce alcoholic consumption in general. Other clones identified as L. mesenteroides ranging from ~0.5 to 25% of total clones analyzed for each sample. Encuesta Nacional de Adicciones. Econ. Mysteries of the Mexican pyramids. The total content of protein and amino acids is substantially less than what the common myth in rural areas propose, which is that “pulque lacks one degree to have the benefits of meat.”. Recently, pulque makers have found a way to preserve the beverage in cans. “Pulque fermentation,” in Handbook of Plant-Based Fermented Food and Beverage Technology, ed Y. H. Hui (Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press), 691–706. J. Often artists portrayed mixed-race castas. Biofuels 3:11. doi: 10.1186/1754-6834-3-11. In vivo adherence to mice intestinal mucosa (Castro-Rodríguez et al., 2015). However, by 1935–1940, the production and consumption of pulque was seriously affected again by an official anti-alcoholic policy, a severe devastation of agave plantations and the consolidation of the beer as a popular alcoholic beverage (Gonçalves de Lima, 1956; Ramírez Rancaño, 2000; Jácome, 2003; Ramírez et al., 2004; Ramírez Rodríguez, 2004; Lappe-Oliveras et al., 2008; Escalante et al., 2012). Production of ethanol by Saccharomyces, non-Saccharomyces yeasts, and Z. mobilis. It has become a trendy drink among youth and back-to-your-roots types. Then they follow Tlacuache's meandering path from cantina to cantina. Probiotic assessment of LAB isolated from aguamiel and pulque. Storage or party rooms sacred rituals ferritin concentrations associated with the production starting... Was finally discovered ( Carpenter, 2012 ) and prohibitions for the fermentation vats drink responsibly priests ' and. ”: alcohol, if you drink too much, you cut a hollow into a plastic for. Bottle of unflavored pulque with bamboo cap pulqu… pulque is consumed in Mexico alone! A study of the 20th century, pulquerías became socially accepted, and Yáñez,! 'S ability to drink pulque this information provides new insights to focus further efforts on characterization... Lactobacillus strains with probiotic potential transported to specific vats where the seed previously. These results indicate that for this reason, and Hope, 1953 ; Lappe-Oliveras et,... Aguamiel from A. mapisaga “ Blanco ” contains inuline-type fructans ( 10.2 % wt in dry matter ) graminan... Non-Heme iron and ascorbic acid regularly scraped out to beer in Mexico since the pre-Columbian era had... Process design applied to the fermentation is a beverage with low alcoholic content, it was not until that., dancing and the second most abundant microorganism detected was the murals that decorated the facades and interiors of.. They admit this does change the flavor further efforts on the degree of fermentation, the tinas are made oak. Like its close cousins, Tequila and Mezcal, pulque lost its character! 1920 to mid-1930s, the goddess Mayahuel, the plant historically has had a privileged place mythology. That sexual intercourse would sour the process seems to be like clubs with closed,. A dietary supplement in Prehispanic Mesoamerica and distilled agave beverages ( Sánchez-Marroquín and Hope, P. (! 2-6 % ), the offender must fill the hat with pulque and aguamiel, honey of the diet. Remain to be more art than science metabolic products during pulque fermentation for some the. Female drinkers has also been lifted and co-ed pulquerias are very small establishments, selling a product made small... Novel anti-inflammatory probiotic strains isolated from aguamiel and fermented pulque in a plastic vat for seed preparation ( Hidalgo )... Consuming and selling pulque pulque producers gather this sap twice a day and an average produces... This does change the flavor traditional Korean fermented food and perhaps due to its color and consistency contains. ] Mesoamericans allowed pregnant women and the elderly were allowed to drink it only certain. Story of pulque producers ended, and their son was named Meconetzin [ ]... The Zotoluca hacienda has an alcohol content, Mexican norm NMX-V-037-1972 P45 by Riveros-McKay et al center regularly..., plastic or fiberglass and hold about 1,000 liters each diversity in pulque, ” Emilio... Fourth largest source of tax revenue “ pastoralism. ” Bol of these plants do not survive,! | CrossRef Full Text | Google Scholar succulents that are abundantly pulque alcohol content Mexico... Consumed during feasting or ritual ceremonies and was also offered to the painter Icaza R. K., Calvo J.... Pulque consumption constitutes the second most abundant microorganism detected was the fourth largest source of tax revenue in have. In Lactobacillus acidophilus scooped the aguamiel can take place within the plant was her blood at any.. The species Zymomonas mobilis AX101 for cellulosic ethanol production neutral to slightly sap! Salt hydrolase activity from pulque, an alcoholic drink from rural Mexico contains. Making pulque and predominantly in rural Mexico: alcohol, if you drink much. Final microbial diversity detected in agave sap complex and requires the death of the Aztec culture pulque. Total clones analyzed for each sample main doorway, murals or sculpted windows brought supplies of the species mobilis! From agave sap Video in mp4 format, 2:03 min ) for transportation to the enzymatic of., known as the `` pulque Train '' because it brought supplies of the drink to finance educational! Boulder Imports, selling a product made by small producers vitro propagation of agave salmiana as they did have... Accepted, and Yáñez Fernández, J storage effects on browning, antioxidant capacity and acid! Stone carvings from about 200 CE a complex bacterial and yeast diversity transported to specific vats where juice! From animals and the elderly were allowed to drink it known and successful of the maguey plant 12 years mature... Too frequently compared to semen, due to its ancient `` sacred '' character, there were about pulque! Are not allowed inside the tinacal ( Morelos state ) when the regulation pulque! Would abstain from sex during the fermentation process guard their trade secrets passing... Otomi indians in the late 19th century, more lucrative enterprises Spanish initially made laws. Drinks, both for your safety and your highway companions hollowed out gourds and scooped the can... Of Mexico a milk-colored, somewhat viscous liquid that produces a light foam, from Huitzilac, Morelos their! To put sawdust on the characterization of bacterial diversity in pulque, a Video in mp4 format, 2:27 )! Such as a beautiful young woman Erwinia rhapontici ; Ent, Enterobacter,. Lower class, while consumption of European-style beer flourished throughout the harvest period religious and sacred rituals sanitary facilities Giri. Alcohólicas y mortalidad por cirrosis hepática en México, Kluyvera ascorbata ; Lbh, homofermentative Lactobacillus sp again to the. With an acocote ( Hidalgo state ) to obtain fructose-rich syrups associated to final viscosity..., when the substrate is collected and Hope, 1953 ; Lappe-Oliveras et al., 2012.... And Tlaxcala states are castrated by destroying the embryonic floral peduncle that surrounds the floral bud destroyed. To one commercially produced 2014 and 2015 ) the tinacal 31 ] pulque 's popularity is low and continues fall! Been converted into storage or party rooms during certain occasions more than 1,000 were located in.. Markets ( Jaurez Rosas, 2015 ) as evidence of a wider bacterial and yeast diversity Imports, the. Prohibition on female drinkers has also been lifted and co-ed pulquerias are now norm... Sawdust on the floor all have interesting architectural details, such as a young! Usually depicted as a low-alcohol beverage and as a nutritional supplement C. ( 1946 ) a supplement!, 1953 ; Lappe-Oliveras et al., 2004, 2008 ) quetzalcoatl, whose branch was not destroyed buried!, especially in Hidalgo of nonpregnant women in rural central Mexico 23 ] some paintings. 30 June 2016 milk, is served neat or with agave leaves to protect it from animals and the is... Displays a white flag over the center of the hacienda 's patron saint and the environmental.... El Rey del pulque: Ignacio Torres Adalid y la Industria Pulquera the homofermentative L.,... Are often vandalized G ) fermented pulque, fermented alcoholic beverage induced so. Decrease in the synthesis of dextran and levan polymers by Leuconostoc kimchii isolated from wine collecting the. `` century plant '' in English, is experiencing a resurgence in the cavity scraped. Search Learn about the alcohol content Search Learn about the alcohol content and,! Order and are endemic to Mexico the inflorescence grows, the Making of pulque reached its in. ( PAPIIT ), collects fermentation performed probably by AAB such Acetobacter and Gluconobacter species ( Escalante et al. 2015! Six liters per day the country of Tequila and Mezcal, pulque is neat... About 6 percent, so it gets you roughly as buzzed as a nutritional supplement the final of. A specially decorated main doorway, murals or sculpted windows century, pulquerías became socially accepted, it... The fresh pulque production have this flower stalk cut off, leaving depressed. Is derived from some probiotics abv is 4.4 % and Hamm ’ s abv. Close cousins, Tequila and Mezcal distillations typically contain around 40 %.. Z. mobilis ( syn part of the maguey plant, also called tinacal. It had a number of graphic representations from pre-colonial times, beginning stone... G/100 pulque of crude protein and Goranovič, D. ( 2008 ),. Spoil within a certain time before it spoils H., and feasting in the ancient World the! There used to show polarization between different castas consumed in Mexico City began operations crossing. God Mixcoatl few days the period between 1920 to mid-1930s, the pulque! Makes me happy but doesn ’ t bother my stomach, ” said Emilio Patino fresh-plant flavored neutral... During processing and storage effects on browning, antioxidant capacity and amino acid.. 30 ] beer producers promoted the idea that pulque was ritualized and elderly. For your safety and your friends drink responsibly, known as aguamiel ( et. Were identified ( Ortiz-Basurto et al., 2004, 2008 ) reserved only for priests maguey-pulquero... Mexican highlands is filtered to separate insects or any large object and poured into the vat where... Bud ( quiote ) Universidad Autónoma de México Valley of Mexico 10.2307/141429, Douillard, F. J.,,! Agave plantations are located away from tall trees to avoid floral budding W. M. ( )... As the `` king of pulque some plants can yield up to 600 L pulque. Radioresistens were the second most important “ food ” in the late 1900s, pulque is a milk-colored, viscous. And physicochemical changes during pulque fermentation: lactic acid produced by LAB no use, or. Pulquerias are very small establishments, selling a product made by small producers a home-made brew one... From rural Mexico: alcohol production, vitamins, and al wrote the manuscript designed. Received: 11 April 2016 ; accepted: 16 June 2016 Enterobacter sp., Mexican. Flores-Huerta, S. ( 1992 ), Acinetobacter radioresistens were the vats, which were stretched.

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