The H-6K is the latest model of the bomber, which is based on the 1950s vintage Soviet Tu-16. Comparing a freeze frame of the missile strike to Google Earth images, the target appears markedly similar to the US' Andersen Air Force Base on Guam. Together they have a combined 300 million users. The video begins with some slick scenes of the large bombers in what appears to be the early dawn at a desert airbase. "I think the reason they want to torture us is, firstly, to make us physically weak so that you cannot resist," he said. Chinese market research firm Daxue Consulting’s April 2020 analysis of the nation’s short video market offers an even larger audience number – 820 million – but a lower daily engagement figure of 45 minutes. The Chinese air force’s two minute and 15 second video, set to solemn, dramatic music like a trailer for a Hollywood movie, shows H-6 bombers taking off from a desert base. “Motherland, I swear I will fight for you until my death!” large golden Chinese characters read at the end of the montage as explosions go off in the background. Digging in the past will show you the future. As a special treat for the week long national holiday, C4 presents two special comedy shorts, featuring a live panda and participants from this year's APEC youth conference as well as some hilarious viewer feedback. Human Rights Watch says the Chinese government is holding up to a million in 'political education' camps in the northwestern region of Xinjiang; State Department correspondent Rich Edson reports. A Chinese action-thriller film called Explosion, which closed the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival, is due to meet domestic theatergoers today(Nov 24). A river bus cruised the Tang River as early as 1937. All rights reserved. The sprawling base on the eastern tip on the island is a key US military facility in the Pacific. or redistributed. While detained, he says the fear of not knowing what might happen was the worst. Chinese users of short video services consume an average 110 minutes of such content every day, according to a new report from industry group the China Netcasting Services Association. With or without the pandemic, short video is an increasingly important marketing vehicle in the middle kingdom, as short videos often allow users to click on products depicted in a frame to be transported to an e-commerce site where they can acquire whatever it is caught their eye. The video -- which was posted online anonymously. Already has QKD in space. China, which initially denied the existence of the camps, labels them as training centers aimed to root out terrorism and extremism, as well as provide people with new skills. After several weeks in one camp, he said he was moved to another in a fashion exactly the same as shown in the video. Listen to time and space not with your ears but with your soul. It's criminal," he said. Some Uyghurs claim the camps are part of. POMPEO, STATE DEPARTMENT SHARPEN CRITICISM OF CHINA ON VIRUS AND RIGHTS ABUSES, After six seconds of silence, Liu says “I cannot see, uh, you know this view.”, “Can I ask you why people are kneeling, blindfolded, and shaven and being led to trains in modern China?” Marr continues. A US official also told reporters on September 24 that Washington believes the video to be authentic. The predominantly Muslim Uyghurs are ethnically distinct from the country's majority ethnic group, the Han Chinese. Amanzhan Seiit, a Muslim ethnic Kazakh, said he was detained in China in 2018, but was never told what for. (War on Fear/ Twitter), Marr then told Liu that the footage was “authenticated by Western intelligence agencies and by Australian experts, who say these are Uighur people being pushed onto trains and taken off.”. He declined to answer a question as to how many people remained in the camps. Did China use Hollywood movies in military propaganda clip? Hong Kong (CNN)A new Chinese air force propaganda video appears to use Hollywood movie clips in its depiction of an attack on a target resembling a United States Air Force base. Beijingers take their food seriously, but on April 29th at the Time Out Beijing Food Awards they proved that serious still knows how to do a night out. 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