This game is Flash-based, and it appears that your browser does not support Flash Player. Art Thief is an unusual yet fun code-breaking puzzle game (based on deductive reasoning) where you have to quickly and logically figure out the 3-digit code that instantaneously switches off an alarm system so that you can grab and run off with valuable loot (paintings from prestigious museums). Will you be able to break all of them out? Yes, stealing is obviously wrong and totally unacceptable in real life, but the best police officers and detectives have to be able to re-trace the steps and actions of the cunning criminal in order to solve the crime, and restore some sense of justice. Fortunately, the machine will tell you when you have guessed the correct number and when it is in the correct spot. 3rd Grade. The answer from your opponents will gradually allow you to reconstruct the code that is hidden in front of each of them. In a duel, the goal of the game is to discover your opponent's code before he finds yours, in a fast and tense game. Keep adjusting your guesses according to the message from your gadget. We'll use this address to send important information and communication. You win if you can guess all of your opponent's tiles in a two-player game or if you can guess the face-down tiles in the center for a three- or four-player game. Through a series of logical guesses and quick reactions, you try to crack the alarm code to switch off the laser system, and steal the painting! Want to wait a bit more, or reload the game? Each guess you make will bring you closer to your goal Break the Code - Learning Connections Essential Skills … It’s time for another boring hour in Mrs. Kimble’s study hall. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Free interactive puzzles/ logic problem solving games online: Code breaking game free - play Art Thief game, a cool break the code game for kids (girls, boys), elementary students, middle school, high school age teens. 4th Grade. Play Games Sharpen your powers of deduction by guessing the order of the beans. This mine was abandoned and closed due to its “deadly air.” One of the workers who died was telling wild stories and everyone thought he was crazy. Play Break the Code at Math Playground! What if his stories are true? How would you rate your experience with Tabletopia? Fortunately, the machine will tell you when you have guessed the correct number and when it is in the correct spot. The winner will be the smartest... or the most daring.

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