Registered Office: 14 Small Street, Bristol, BS1 1DE, Latest news and books in our monthly eNewsletter, Keep up to date with the latest news, events and book releases with our monthly SilverWood eNewsletter, Listed in the YFS business directory in the Self Publishing Bristol Category, Designed and built by Redwing Interactive, Want to self-publish with SilverWood? We will take a detailed look at this and, where necessary, make constructive suggestions that can really make a difference to your sales. We cannot guarantee sales, likes or retweets as a result of promotion. Let us do your marketing for you, contact us today for experience and convenience without the stress. People will hopefully read your book, my book, and countless others so we might as well help each other out. We are excited you are considering us for your PR needs. Any attempt to breach these (ie, paying for reviews) could result in your book being removed from the Amazon system, therefore your title is deleted by the biggest bookshop in the world! Accepts: Free and discounted books Paid promotion from: $15 Click here to assign a widget to this area. If you're unsure about which book promotion activities are most appropriate for you, or you need to revitalise after a dip in sales, SilverWood can prepare a plan specifically tailored to you and your aims for your book. Since 1997, the company has promoted thousands of books in every genre from self-published, first-time authors to traditionally published household names. Well, it’s not and I’m offering to help. Welcome! >. Haruki Murakami once said “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking” and that’s our philosophy here at Blacksun. Author Gill Valentine recently spoke to BBC Radio Newcastle about self publishing and book marketing with PublishNation for her latest book Three Christmas Kittens – A Cat’s Tale where she achieved a #1 Amazon listing. Clicking the heading of any column will sort the list according to the values in that column. With an ever-growing team of book PR professionals and years of experience in book promotion we have earned an enviable reputation as 'The UK's Number One Book PR Service'. Press release We also ensure media are aware of your book with our professionally-written press release that has helped clients achieve extensive coverage in the press and appearances on BBC radio. Yes, see just a few of the press releases we have been involved with –, Your document (MS Word or Word compatible). ‘The efforts of PublishNation meant my book reached … A PDF ARC also avoids having to share unprotected ePub or Mobi files (because DRM is added at the point of distribution, not when the file is created). Welcome to Book Publicity Services. To help with this, well over 100 book promotion sites have sprung up over the last few years, including this one, Readers in the Know. As well as books, I’d love for you to submit short stories to the site (I’ll include the story along with an author bio, and link to your book and/or website). ExciteSteam is an ebook promotion service offering the best, hottest deals in romance from the genre’s most popular authors. Many successful authors use social networking sites to collect friends and potential readers, enjoy participating in lively discussions about books and reading, and to subtly promote their book, website and author events. You’ll also receive a free report Blacksun Book Promotions dedicated research staff compiled after spending months analysing services offered by other promotional companies, combined with the things it is easy for an author to do themselves to have their Author and Book profiles as visible, attractive and alluring as possible. “If you’re thinking of self-publishing, I hope you don't go at it alone. Books are promoted via the newsletter, the website, and ExciteSteam's Twitter feed. Sound too good to be true? There’s only one stipulation about submitting your book, it needs to be dystopian, sci-fi, horror, or fantasy (or closely related) as that’s the genres that this site is about. Books Marketing And Promotion - Authoramp is an UK based book pr agency that has years of experience in promoting books, managing book marketing campaigns, promoting books online and is the best among other book promotion companies. Our experience has shown that this technique can have a SUBSTANTIAL effect on the performance of your title during the promotion, thus lifting you up the Amazon charts. Which is good for both of us. Well, it’s not and I’m offering to help. If you don’t have a website, or just don’t want to include a write of up From Despair to Where, no problem (I may sulk a little), I’ll still add you. >, There’s a lot you can do to market your book yourself, but sometimes it helps to get a professional perspective. I’m also hoping that some of you that add your book to my site will also return the favour and include my book on your own website. All you’ve got to do is fill in the form below, I’ll then get in touch so you can provide some information about your book, about you, and some pics. Authors who select our Silver Publishing package have an AI sheet included as part of their marketing starter kit. Founded in 2017, Book Rebel provides relatively inexpensive book promotion services for authors, specializing primarily in spreading the word about books in eBook format. Power in numbers baby! Contact us now, and let us know how we can help you actively market your SilverWood book to readers. Bookmarks make excellent give-aways at book signings and other author events, and because people tend to keep bookmarks they can act as a longterm reminder about your book. Build your fan base, generate real reviews from real readers, land quality media coverage, increase sales, and get the buzz going about your book! This obviously cuts down on p&p costs for you, so it's useful to offer a PDF ARC in the first instance. >, Before you embark on your publishing journey, it's worth taking some time to make sure your work is the best it can be. Listen to an extract here – Gill Valentine, Can a press release from PublishNation work for writers? How to achieve your goals and live happily. We are based in the US and the UK and love discovering new authors as much as working with our old favourites. Such events have proven to be successful at attracting reviews and we can manage the entire process on your behalf. Our services let you take advantage of the latest book promotional techniques to bring readers to your writing. Invite users of popular book-interest websites to write a review of your title by entering a competition to win a free copy of your book. Reviews Experts agree that new books on Amazon need reviews, but how do you get them? If your file submission size is too large, please email David directly. Available in quantities of 100, 250, 500 or 1000.Postcards are extremely useful to leave with potential stockists in place of a physical copy of your book, and many authors arrange to display them in bookshops, cafes and galleries. Amazon and social media We will manage an Amazon marketing facility that we have extensive experience of and complement this with a major promotional push on Facebook to help introduce readers to your book. This is the most important piece of writing you need as it helps ‘sell’ your book to people on Amazon. Firstly, you have to ensure that the way to acquire reviews is within Amazon’s strict guidelines. All you’ve got to do is fill in the form below, I’ll then get in touch so you can provide some information about your book, about you, and some pics. Book promotion services UK For independent writers worldwide. If you didn't publish in partnership with SilverWood, then unfortunately we're not able to assist with marketing your book. >, Information about our authors and what's on, with regularly updated news and events. Gwen and David,  step-by-step, helped me to find the best solution regarding my book. There’s a lot you can do to market your book yourself, and at SilverWood we usually recommend you do as much as possible because buying promotional services can be expensive, with no guarantee of recouping that investment in book sales (you’re paying for time, rather than results). Addicted to eBooks: “This website is perfect for readers like me, who want to watch their book budget.

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