Have a page on your website for short stories, and add a new one every week or month depending on your schedule. Sending a daily email or contact message to people about a book is a great way to drive people nuts. It wouldn’t be so bad if they sent only one message listing all the wonders of their free Kindle ebook. Learn how to write this essential media relations tool in my e-book, Get Your Book in the News: How to Write a Book Announcement Press Release. Learn how your comment data is processed. Link to the winner’s book trailer on your social media pages. But for many non-fiction books, a small, niche outlet that covers the topic of a book can have a huge impact on sales. They’re the influencers who have the most clout and audience respect. I’m going to try out some of the book marketing suggestions from @AuthorMedia. When you send your book, be sure to include the Build Book Buzz Reader Book Review Form. Sell your books on Amazon; follow the wealth of information and advice Amazon offers and incorporate ideas into your plan. They are, of course, desperate to sell their books, but they will all fail very badly. 2. It’s not as hard as you think. I want to feature my book reviews on your site, 8. I do put up covers and when the book is published on FB, but I hate the ‘buy my books’ thing and even more the ‘you’re my new friend, here is my FB page, please follow me’ posts. Please select your preference. Send your book to a producer or editor via Fed Ex or UPS – it is much more likely to be opened. Facebook groups are where people gather online to talk about topics they’re interested in. The word “distribution” is a bit disingenuous because these services don’t actually distribute your press release to the media. It’s a bit like being told to buy dinner for someone you don’t know. –, These book marketing tips from @SmithPublicity really helped me as a new author. In 140 characters or less, give your Twitter Followers a reason … To learn how to send a Kindle mobi file as a Facebook Messenger attachment, read “Send review copies through Facebook.”. Fans can be your evangelists … spreading the word about your book far and wide! Below you will find many such things, but we urge to push the limits, push yourself outside your comfort zone as it relates to promoting your book. The reality is there are very few guarantees in book marketing. Add a ‘Store’ page to your website; essentially a compelling advertisement for your book. A Cambridge CELTA English teacher and author with a passion for writing and all forms of publishing. Do some basic Google searches to find podcasts that pertain to your book, then reach out and offer yourself as a guest 102. And do I know as much as possible about those people so I know where I’ll find them both online and offline. Compile a series of short videos of you discussing topics related to your book. My dog is sick! Yes, well, okay, but my site is about publishing advice. Occasionally, and I mean very occasionally, I ask a pesky author what book marketing plan they have and what book promotion services they plan to use. 109. This is a new one on me, as I hadn’t seen it until recently. I am a nice guy, so on the first occasion, I sometimes suggest some free book promotion sites they can use. Become a featured content writer for some websites related to your genre, being an author, writing your first book, etc. I wish more indie authors would read this than will find out the hard way that yours is excellent advice. Watch out world! The releases come from PR people and authors — without them, many print outlets wouldn’t exist. These words prevented me from making some poor choices in the marketing world. I’ll stop my list of dumb book promotion ideas here. Free self-publishing advice, how to guides and tips. Here’s what our YouTube channel looks like. I have spent a few hours preparing this article, and now that I am almost finished, I checked my KDP dashboard.

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