There’s a reason we think of blue as relaxing; it actually tends to lower our heart rates, blood pressure, and even our body temperature. Don't place blue in a dark-green setting, it will disappear. These laws have been used to ban sales of alcohol, gambling, and various retail and commercial activity. I’m Kate Smith, an internationally recognized color expert, consultant, and designer. Like many colors, our response to the color blue is complex and sometimes even contradictory. Color Classes Great! “baby Blue”, Badfinger. These varying qualities make blue the perfectly balanced shade that so many love, trust, and adore. It is all in how you express yourself with a color and how consistently you wear it or surround yourself with the color that makes it your signature shade. Blue is a cool color, with a mystical allure, the colors that work best with blue:  white, yellow, brown, black, violet, gray, green, red, orange, silver, Blue is next to Green and Indigo on the color wheel, and shades of blue, violet and green work together beautifully, Orange is opposite of blue on the color wheel, and is it's complimentary color, orange and blue are very strong together and are popular sports team colors, Red White and Blue ~ exemplifies Independence Day in the US, For highlighting blue in art shades of light gray, silver and white can be used, for shading dark greens bring interesting depth, Blue along with gray or black in the wardrobe are the most respected in formal business. Blue symbolizes: security, trust, loyalty, responsibility. • In the English language, blue often represents the human emotion of sadness, for example, "He was feeling blue". The color blue . We love hearing from you and read every comment. Color Resources It can represent tranquility, relaxation, and peace. Research shows that mosquitoes most easily see dark colors, especially blue. Smell also plays a major role in our ability to taste. Even the deadly sin sloth . Blue represents the healing nature of water and the power of stormy seas. Blue adds depth and can be livened up with white, yellow, or orange. Blue Color Symbolism Blue is the color of the sea and the sky, of purification and clarity, soothing and tranquil Blue indicates truth and honesty, wisdom and authority, blue represents healing of the mind~body~soul connection Symbolism Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Expert Kate SmithServicesSpeakingPress. Blue may also stand for wisdom, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Blue commands respect when worn, think of the dark blue uniforms of the US Air Force or the Navy. The color blue, especially in American culture, represents depression and sadness. Mosquitoes are highly visual and their primary method of searching for human targets is through vision.

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