27 Mar. The documentary Blackfish goes into depth on how terrible the lives of the innocent animals really are. Blackfish follows the life of an orca named Tilikum who was captured off the east coast of Iceland on 9th November 1983 for the “Sealand of the pacific” which is located near victoria, british Columbia. Cowperthwaite argued the fact that the killer whales become aggressive when held captive in an area too small for them. Documentary Film Analysis: Blackfish Purpose: “Blackfish” the documentary film was created to reveal how confinement of killer whales can lead to dangerous behavior toward human trainers. To present this, a graph was used to visually show the pedigree of Tilikum. 25 Mar. Blackfish is een Amerikaanse documentaire uit 2013, geregisseerd door Gabriela Cowperthwaite.De film ging in wereldpremière op 19 januari op het Sundance Film Festival.. Verhaal. Although, “To this day,” said Howard Garrett an Orcinus orca researcher in the film Blackfish directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, “there has been no record of any orca doing any harm to a human in the wild.” Many Orcinus orcas also known as orcas, have been in captivity for more than twenty years, according to Blackfish, and there have been at least seventy incidents where trainers have been attacked. Fisher men separated the young from the mothers and took them into SeaWorld. Black fish documentary review/analysis by English 1302 students. Analysis Of Stephen King's 'My Creature From The Black Lagoon', Individual Autonomy In Western Society Analysis, Book Review: Emotionly Healthy Spirituality By Peter Scrazzero, The T-Grid Model: My Chain Model Decisions, Rhetorical Analysis Of Jonathan Kozol's Mastery Of Argumeation, The Importance Of Women In Beauty By Susan Sontag's Beauty. Blackfish: Documentary Analysis Blackfish is an award winning documentary, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, which captures its audiences and takes them on an informative journey that tells a riveting story. Blackfish follows the life of an orca named Tilikum who was captured off the east coast of Iceland on 9th November 1983 for the “Sealand of the pacific” which is located near victoria, british Columbia. Jeremy Bentham said “The question is not, "Can they reason?" Lori Marino, the neuroscientist from Blackfish, explains further in an online interview: “they have an extra lobe of tissue that sort of sits adjacent to their limbic system and their neocortex… you can infer from that that lobe has something to do with processing emotions, but also something to do with thinking. Humans are responsible for their psychosis. This film has a lot of interviews from animal rights activists, and previous SeaWorld employees. Sure viewers would feel sad that the orcas were separated from their families, but the documentary drives sad to heartbroken when they place in videos of the orcas crying after their lost family. They explained that they were not cared for correctly, and that it led to them suffering. ‘Blackfish’ works effectively to persuade audiences that keeping whales in captivity is cruel and inhumane. Blackfish not only presents this emotional story, but also illustrates that some of these whales who grow up in strained environments, (such as Tilikum) even resort to killing those it interacts with. Seeing this killer whale take several lives at SeaWorld, the producers of this documentary hope to reveal the mistreatment of these animals in captivity, exploit the problems that lie within sea-park industries, and show that man has, Documentary Film Analysis: Blackfish Several pieces of emotional footages give examples of how the whales are cruelly treated and kept in poor conditions. During his life at sealand tilikum performed eight shows, 1. John Jett a former trainer describes how much he was in awe about the Orcas. While this isn’t an instant solution to the problem, it does provide some hope for change to come when SeaWorld is finally shut down. ‘Blackfish’ is a documentary that tells the true story about an orca’s life in captivity. Furthering the effectiveness of Blackfish’s argument, the information used in the documentary is not only emotional, but also sensible and contains reason. Type of documentary 3. As detailed in the film, when one orca is training, but messes up, all the whales with it are punished. Created with images by Flavia Mariani - "orca". The documentary film, “Blackfish” has been a big launch off point for the animal cruelty movement. Orca Researcher Howard Garrett discussing how the pods stayed in the area with their captured family members. They show how ridiculously small the tanks are for the orcas, how the orcas are captured from their families out in the wild, and how the breeding process takes place. In March of 2016 SeaWorld finally decided to stop the breeding of Orcas to be living in captivity. And as the film progresses, we are again reminded of this as more and more horribly graphic videos are played of whales attacking humans. Analysis Of The Documentary Blackfish 1039 Words5 Pages 1. Topics are limited only by one's imagination. They describe how each of these factors goes into The previous employees are made up of park workers and trainers. Blackfish is a documentary that was released in 2013 by Gabriela Cowperthwaite. As one could imagine, the film is intensely emotional and, at times, graphic as it details with emotional, visual rhetoric why killer whales at various SeaWorld and marine parks attack their trainers and why these whales shouldn’t be in captivity. CONTEXT • Blackfish is a 2013 animal captivity and cooperate documentary detailing the renowned marine theme park SeaWorld. • The situations Tilikum was placed in at a, The tear-jerking story of a young orca being stripped from its family and taken to a park where it is then abused by other animals, is enough to make any compassionate soul long for the protection of killer whales and mammals in captivity.

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