In the afternoon we studied the invisible building or trap with great care, exploring it with the aid of long guiding cords, and preparing a complete chart for our archives. what is your system ? Soon afterwards, police discover the body of a man which has been sitting in an armchair inside the empty house for 30 years. I don't know where the lyrics come from, but they are fascinating. The teeth of that skull gleam and grin horribly. I dared to try a little of the slime water just once, but it made me violently sick and left me even thirstier than before. Beyond the walls is a Reading Rooms project funded by Spirit of 2012 . I like the graphical style, but the lyrics just ruin it for me, so a swine it is ... Fresh one, i love it... tho it doesnt run very smoothly on my machine (p4 2ghz x800gto)... even plastic demos do, so i have no idea why :/, won....der.....ful! Создали несколько мелких интро и демо для PC в середине 1990 х, особо значимые среди них… …   Википедия, H.P. and xplsv is pronounced "explosive". Good work pals!! This gave me nice nostalgic memories of the old film "Tron", it just needed light cycles. Great demo. it was great too watch something like this but i must say the very end of the demo was so strange and uncommon. [2], The story contains several other in-jokes, including references to "farnoth flies" (for Weird Tales editor Farnsworth Wright) and "ugrats" (derived from "Hugo the Rat", Lovecraft's unaffectionate nickname for Wonder Stories editor Hugo Gernsback). Donald A. Wollheim: Avon Novels, Inc. $0.35: 132 digest? Even with my flame-pistol I would have a bad time getting away—though boldness and quickness would doubtless see me through in the long run. Not something to get easily into, but it's interesting enough to float my boat. Did not appear by evening of 15th, so Scouting Plane FR-58 with five men under my command set out at 8 P.M. to follow route with detector. I feebly wondered why the nightmare things had gathered so thickly around the entrance as they mocked me. I have just taken the great crystal out of my pouch to look at in my last moments. ASD quality as expected. wow. The whole universe seemed to be throbbing in deep, regular pulsations that filled every corner of space and flowed through my body and mind alike. I had encountered at last one of those curious mirage-plants about which so many of our men told stories. The other two were average seven-footers. Our plane being damaged, we sent a wireless and called out Anderson with Repair Plane PG-7, a crew of wreckers, and a set of blasting materials. It is unusual among Lovecraft's work, being a standard science fiction story involving space exploration in the near future. The thought was maddening, and as it sank in I was seized with a sudden flash of panic which set me running aimlessly through the unseen hallways. I searched my pockets for an old-fashioned note-book—often used unofficially on Venus despite the quick rotting-rate of paper in the planet's atmosphere—whose pages I could tear up and scatter, but could find none. worst thing in the compo for me. The latter, though robbed of clothing by weeds, had one of the company's numbered metal helmets beside it. Something had pushed the helmet away from the face, and it was better not to look at it. Prehistoric human invasions of Venus can be pretty well ruled out, so that one must turn to the idea of native construction. The World’s Largest H. P. Lovecraft Audio Links Gateway! The idea for greetings is really nice. it's been a long time since i had this feeling for a demo. I shall doubtless get out early in the morning, and ought to be back at Terra Nova with the crystal by late afternoon. Comparing my fresh diagram with previous recollections, I believed I had located my original mistake, so once more set out confidently along the invisible hall-ways. I believed I knew why these repulsive beings were hovering expectantly around me. Every time I stepped my feet sank down five or six inches, and there was a sucking sort of blup every time I pulled them out. Seem to be unfinished for me... Imho this one is missing the usual ASD "touch". There would be plenty of time to examine the branches after I had reached and returned from the main regions. What misleads people is their upright posture; just an accidental physical resemblance to terrestrial man. This goes straight into my collection of very special demos which I like a lot. Nor does human knowledge include any perfectly transparent, non-refractive solid such as the substance of this building. I dunno what I just watched and heard, but it was freakin cool. Certainly, I was confronting something strange beyond all previous experience. These reptilian things, in their war on the takers of crystals, had turned to strategy and were using our own cupidity against us. Must have been a lot of work. I don't really like the vocals, but the visuals are extremely creative. [3], The story seems to have been rejected by Weird Tales, Astounding Stories, Blue Book, Argosy, Wonder Stories, and possibly Amazing Stories. I am leaving my helmet bottom up to catch any that falls. The route was a sort of spiral, much like that by which I had first reached the central chamber. When over the open plain on Eryx we saw a group of moving lights which we knew were native glow-torches. By morning FH-58 was fixed, and went back under Anderson carrying the two bodies and the crystal. There was no door, nor any evidence of hingemarks bespeaking a former door. Then a camp on the dry moss at the plateau's edge, and in the morning a weary trip through the jungle to Terra Nova. I got them all by sweeping in a circle with my flame pistol, for even though their colour blended with the jungle, I could spot the moving creepers. Suddenly it occurred to me that I might be able to tunnel under the invisible walls with my knife, and thus effect a short cut to the outside—or to some outward-leading corridor. At first I thought I recognized the turnings, but soon found myself in a wholly unfamiliar set of corridors. Surely no one I had seen on this trip. Tag This tendency to make cool and original demos is really frightening. Even at the given distance I could see that the body was a recent one. It was three o'clock when I really struck my stride. I found something alarming in his expression, and in the way the glassy eyes stared. Acting on my decision, I resumed my slow leftward circling, moving my hands up and down over the unseen surface on the chance of finding some window or other small aperture. The outlines of everything shimmered rhythmically, and bright points of light appeared and danced in the same slow, steady tempo. Anderson had warned me of them, and described their appearance very closely—the shaggy stalk, the spiky leaves, and the mottled blossoms whose gaseous, dream-breeding exhalations penetrate every existing make of mask. I hope tomorrow will see me out; for my canteen is low, and lacol tablets are a poor substitute for water. Even had I been willing to spare the latter, there would not have been even nearly enough—besides which the small pellets would have instantly sunk from sight in the thin mud. if this prod is a fake, some info is false or the download link is broken. The spiralling continued, and I was careful not to stray into any intersecting passages. It was obviously impossible to tear the tough, thin metal of this revolving decay-proof record scroll, nor did my clothing offer any possibilities. Annoying speech, but clever nevertheless :-P. Interesting future world. This, without question, was the plateau mapped by Matsugawa from the air fifty years ago, and called on our maps 'Eryx' or the 'Erycinian Highland.' glOrtho engine.. the shadows were alot easier to do than originally thought.. there is also the obvious bug of shadowing of the stars but nevermind eh ? Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! Navis, you rule. There he lay, past all trouble, and with the rays of the great crystal streaming out from between his stiffened fingers. There, they discover valuable crystal orbs that can be used as a source of electrical power, as well as a race of primitive lizardmen who guard the crystals fervently and who attack any humans who try to take them. Even that would be a great help. Choosing a section facing the corpse, I carefully discharged the pistol at close range and felt with my knife where the blast had been aimed. very innovative and beautifully executed. Sterling (1920–1995), written in January 1936 and first published in Weird Tales magazine in October 1939. The leaping horde have noticed it, and their gestures have changed in a way I cannot understand. Between this skeleton and the complete body there seemed to be another wall, but we could easily identify the second man as Stanfield. I love the isometry. I merely lay dazed in the mud for a long period, while the greenish things outside leaped and laughed and gestured. After two days I was pronounced fit for duty. Uh, what did I just see? No crystal was visible, but the detector indicated a huge specimen near Stanfield's body. My escape will be tremendously difficult, for there are elements I had not suspected. Trapped in the maze, the narrator's oxygen and water supply steadily begins to run out, and lizardmen soon begin to gather at the outside of the maze to observe and mock him. While on a routine mission, the narrator encounters a bizarre structure: a maze whose walls are completely invisible, at the entrance of which is a crystal of unusually large size. I had seen the flame spread when it struck the surface, and now I realized that my hope had been vain.

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