Protesters, who also gathered in Marseille, Lyon and Lille, held up signs in English and French that read, “I can’t breathe” and “Black Lives Matter.” They called upon leaders to bring an end to police brutality. The State went after the Traoré family, who dared to fight. Unable to breathe properly under such pressure, Traoré said to the officers “I can’t breathe.”. In January of this year, Cedric Chouviat, a 42-year-old delivery driver died after police held him to the ground in Paris. But Assa Traoré amplified Jordana’s message by launching #MoiAussiJ’AiPeurDevantLaPolice (I am also afraid in front of the police) on Twitter, where users shared their instances of police brutality on social media. Mis en examen depuis mars 2017 pour tentative d'assassinat sur personnes dépositaires de l'autorité publique, Bagui Traoré, 27 ans, avait été renvoyé devant un tribunal par un juge d'instruction mais pour des qualifications moins graves de violences volontaires, un délit. ", Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. Cette affaire de racket était à l'origine de l'intervention des gendarmes le 19 juillet 2016. Police brutality became an even bigger topic of discussion when artist Camelia Jordana said black and Arab people are being “massacred” by police officers during lockdown on a TV show on May 23. “There have already been big movements that gathered a lot of people but nothing changed,” says Hajer. Bagui Traoré a notamment été condamné pour trafic de drogues et extorsion violente. The incident set off demonstrations across France, with protestors drawing attention to police brutality and inequality for people living in poorer suburbs. “It is in these forms of resistance that there is hope,” Rigouste says. “[The protests] are a way to remind ourselves what French history rests on—colonialism and slave trade,” says Hajer, 28 year-old protester, who asked TIME to only use her first name for professional reasons. It’s no surprise that police brutality in the U.S. resonates with minorities in France, who are demanding accountability and transparency.“Today we are not just talking about the fight of the Traoré family. Naoufel El Allaki said he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder as a result and has asked the police watchdog organization to open an investigation. On 19 July 2016, his 24th birthday, Adama Traoré was out with his older brother Bagui in the Paris suburb of Beaumont-sur-Oise.Police approached the two, as they were seeking Bagui who was accused of extorsion with violence. In 2005, Bouna Traoré, 15, and Zyed Benna, 17, were electrocuted when they ran into an electricity substation in a Parisian suburb after being chased by the police. Although France prohibits the collection of data based on ethnicity—making it difficult to identify patterns of racial profiling—the Défenseur des droits, a non-governmental French institution charged with protecting the right of citizens, released a report in 2017 that denounced practices of racial profiling. Nous avons extrêmement hâte de nous défendre », a-t-il ajouté. Youssouf and Bagui Traoré were placed in pre-trial detention until their judgment on December 14 and in response, young people rebelled that night. A few months later, on March 8, young feminist activists marching on International Women’s Day were attacked by police and dragged down steps by their hair. Signs are seen on the floor after clashes erupt following the intervention of security forces in a protest against police brutality at the Tribunal de Paris courthouse on June 2. La Flamme : Comment regarder la nouvelle Création Originale sur Canal+ ? La famille dénonce un « acharnement judiciaire » en raison de son combat pour faire la lumière sur la mort d'Adama, érigé en symbole des violences policières. All Rights Reserved. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, Traoré had no preexisting medical conditions, asphyxiation was the direct cause of death, a 2019 investigation by French journal MediaPart, A Young Black Man Died in France 4 Years Ago in Police Custody. “Both the United States and France are societies that are capitalist, racist and patriarchal,” says Rigouste. Thousands of people gathered to protest against racism and police brutality despite a police order that the protest not proceed due to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions. Police brutality in France has been called out by both national and international human right organizations. Depuis 2016, Bagui et trois autres frères Traoré ont été incarcérés. More protests are planned for Saturday, according to posts on social media. Although one officer says he and his colleagues only used “necessary force,” he said that the three of them had their body weight on Traoré’s back. Vehicles and buildings were set on fire and thousands of protestors were arrested. La Vérité pour Adama 11,203 views. It was only around 10 p.m., three hours after his death, that Traoré’s family was given the news of his death. (Lockdown measures began to be eased on May 11 with some schools and businesses opening and fewer restrictions on movements.). Hawa Traoré Soeur Jumelle de ADAMA Traoré #LiberezYoussoufEtBagui Message de Valence - Duration: 0:56. Deux restent incarcérés. The demonstrations go beyond solidarity with American protesters, who have been gathering since George Floyd was killed on May 25. By the time Traoré was put in a police car, he was fainting and urinating. In 2019, the number of investigations into police violence opened by the Inspection générale de la Police National—the official police watchdog—increased by 20%. When the three police officers entered the apartment, they say they jumped on Traoré. Youssouf and Bagui Traoré were placed in pre-trial detention until their judgment on December 14 and in response, young people rebelled that night. Christophe Castaner, the French Minister of the Interior took to Twitter, calling Jordana’s words “untruthful and shameful” and a police union filed a complaint against the singer. Présent, Adama Traoré avait pris la fuite et été rattrapé au terme d'une course-poursuite dans sa ville de Beaumont-sur-Oise. Baguit was brought to trial in 2017 on charges of attempted murder against an officer, but was eventually only convicted of committing an intentional violent crime. “They are constructed around this.”. « On n'a aucun doute sur le fait que l'innocence de Bagui Traoré sera reconnue par la cour d'assises », a déclaré son avocat Florian Lastelle. Bagui est accusé d'outrages et de menaces de mort sur personnes dépositaires de l'autorité publique depuis un rassemblement devant la mairie de Beaumont-sur-Oise, en novembre dernier. Il y a trois ans, le décès dans une cour de gendarmerie d'Adama Traoré, un jeune homme de 24 ans, avait généré cinq nuits d'affrontements dans le Val-d'Oise. DIRECT. Yvelines - Val-d’Oise : un professeur retrouvé décapité, un suspect abattu, Mort de Victorine : Théo a assisté à l’interpellation de Ludovic Bertin, Gérald Darmanin ordonne l’expulsion de 231 étrangers radicalisés, Attentat de Conflans : l’assassin avait fréquenté un club de lutte au passé trouble. Two days after protests erupted on May 26 in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd, the officers in France who arrested Traoré were exonerated by a medical report ordered by the judge in charge of the case. The U.K. May Be About to Try, You can unsubscribe at any time. Here’s more on the current protests and the history of police brutality in France. sont chargés de l'enquête sur les conditions de son décès. Last year, Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights called for a “full investigation” into the excessive use of force by French police officers. », Profitez des avantages de l’offre numérique. The brother of the French BLM icon, Adama Traore, has been brought to justice again for an assassination attempt against a police officer. 0:56. The Pontoise City Prosecutor's Office launched an immediate appeal against the ruling in a bid to try Baguit for the assassination attempt. Recent cases of police violence have brought the issue into the mainstream. Mardi, la chambre de l'instruction de la cour d'appel de Versailles a suivi l'analyse du ministère public et ordonné un renvoi devant une cour d'assises pour « tentative d'assassinat ». As almost every modern webpage, our website also uses cookies to provide you with the best user experience. In one video, police officers painfully hold Sofiane Naoufel El Allaki, a 21-year-old Amazon worker, on the ground for having forgotten his mandatory lockdown release form. Nevertheless, his family described the recent legal developments as "judicial harassment. On Wednesday, a spokesperson for President Emmanuel Macron’s government, Sibeth Ndiaye, said “I don’t believe we can say that France is a racist country.” She added that the United States and France are “not at all comparable … not historically, nor in the way our societies are organized.”, But many protesters and experts disagree. Avocate d'une partie des gendarmes, Caty Richard a estimé « parfaitement justifié que ce soit un jury populaire qui juge de tels troubles à l'ordre public et de telles atteintes à des personnes dépositaires de l'autorité publique ». “But it is used more harshly against certain populations, especially people of color and poorer populations that are segregated.”. Treize gendarmes et policiers avaient été légèrement blessés par arme à feu. Des juges d'instruction parisiens sont chargés de l'enquête sur les conditions de son décès. For some, the latest protests suggest awareness about police brutality and racism in France is growing — and they are cautiously optimistic. Over 20,000 people joined the march in North-East Paris according to the police, while organizers put the number at 40,000. When his mother and brothers became emotional, they say police used teargas to disperse them. « Il n'y a aucun élément permettant de conforter l'accusation. Votre adresse mail est collectée par Le Parisien pour vous permettre de recevoir nos actualités et offres commerciales. When the Yellow Vest movement erupted in November 2018—and people took to the streets to express a general discontent with their decreasing living standards—police brutality resulted in the loss of 24 eyes and five hands, 315 head injuries and two deaths, according to a 2019 investigation by French journal MediaPart. In 2015, the officers—Sebastien Gaillemin and Stephanie Klein—were cleared of charges. Witnesses said Traoré did not resist the arrest. But police abuses have continued. O ne July afternoon last year in Beaumont-sur-Oise, a small town north of Paris, Adama Traoré was out with his older brother, Bagui, planning how to … Pour la troisième année consécutive, une marche en mémoire d'Adama Traoré est organisée le 20 juillet à Beaumont-sur-Oise, sous le mot d'ordre « Ripostons à l'autoritarisme ! Bagui Traoré doit être jugé au côté de cinq autres personnes, mais l'arrêt de la chambre de l'instruction n'est pas définitif. Adama Traoré was a French-Malian man who died in police custody on July 19, 2016 after a brutal arrest. But many, especially Traoré’s family, were skeptical of the report, given that Traoré had no preexisting medical conditions. France was the first European Union country found to be guilty of torture by the European Courts of Human Rights in 1999 for the French police’s treatment of Ahmed Selmouni, who was beaten and sexually assaulted by police officers during questioning in 1991. Demonstrators protest against police brutality at the "Tribunal de Paris" courthouse on June 2 in Paris. Les parties ont cinq jours pour se pourvoir en cassation. Loto, EuroMillions... Jusqu'à 64 millions d'euros à remporter avec la FDJ, Cdiscount : 5 bons plans pour faire du sport à la maison à petit prix, Des offres privilèges avec le Club Le Parisien. Le parquet de Pontoise avait alors fait appel. “There is an extension of police violence that increasingly touches everyone,” says Rigouste. Protesters carried signs with “Black Lives Matter,” the names of George Floyd and Adama Traoré, and the words “I can’t breathe,” pointing to the similar technique that killed both men. A third boy, Muhittin Altun, survived but suffered major burns. Traoré’s sister Assa, a 35-year-old teacher, called for protests to take place on Tuesday in front of the courthouse of Paris’ 17th arrondissement. The protests led President Jacques Chirac to call a state of emergency for the first time in 20 years.

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