How well I know this situation in long ago times! Ahhh what a great story to start 2019 with!! :)Loved every picture, as always. But the one who was surprised was her. ( By the way, are you doing the calendar posts this year?). So romantic! The truth is that reading my Readers´comments encourage me to keep writing and taking photos of my Sylvanians so thanks again for your kind words. map of Sylvania that was on the floor. On All Hallow's Eve, Bridgette is seen dressed up in a scarecrow costume, even wearing the very hat of the scarecrow outside the Babblebrook Inn. Queen Deidre considers Nightshade a threat to the magic used to make the kingdom obedient to the Queen, hence why she wants Nightshade found and any weaknesses of hers exploited for her own personal gain. Tanya told Peace how her brother felt about her and why he wasn´t able to get in contact with her. Hi Sophie!I´m happy to hear you liked my story and photos.You´ll find out if they get together in part two.Thanks for reading! Tanya kept cleaning. What a great story again ! *laugh* Looking forward to see, what will happen next with Peace and Peter! Before leaving her brother´s cottage, Tanya had one more look at Peace´s address and number. When she picked it up, a small piece of paper slipped from the map. she had the urge to do something to help her brother.She was gifted with a very good memory but just in case, she kept repeating Peace´s number on her way to  the phone box. According to Bridgette, 'the royals don't take too kindly to dark magic.' Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Peter noticed Tanya had something in her hand. Around the delicate flower there were some photos of her brother with his last girlfriend, Peace, at the beach.Peter had met this girl on one of her trips and he offered her a job at his beach bar.It wasn´t the first time Peter´s summer romances didn´t last longer than three months so Tanya didn´t take her brother seriously when, last summer, he told her he had met the love of his life. Tanya is such a sweet sister, doing all that for her brother! As a fairly bad attempt to cover up his true identity, Peter created a fake name for himself - Smeeter, as he introduced himself to the viewer. However,lack of time and inspiration and some problems uploading photos with bloggger didn´t let me have it ready until now. Rockie is already married with kids but Peter is a globetrotting bohemian that´s why Tanya was very surprised when at the end of the summer he decided to rent a cottage in Sweet Berry Valley.Probably, he thought it would be easy to be in touch with Peace if he settled in the same place for a while but he never got any letter from Peace and he wasn´t able to get in contact with her because he misplaced her address.Tanya is always telling him he should be tidier. She wears a dress with a green bodice, and sometimes also wears a bonnet on her head. I hope Peace's letter arrives in time for her and Peter to be reunited in Christmas! The state of the place was appalling and so was the smell. She was really impatient to meet her brother.She had so many questions to ask him.She tried to stop all the what if thoughts but they kept coming to her head   "What if, Tanya went for a walk.She needed some fresh air. I'm glad to know you enjoy my stories.I hope to have time and inspiration to keep writing new stories in 2019. I LOVE all your photos and your sweet story! Queen Deidre rules over the lands in which Babblebrook lies. babblebrook babblebrook asmr asmr asmr series goodnight moon babblebrook series bridgette maybell maybel evangeline belladonna peter self insert babblebrook inn willow witch nightshade witch fan art fanart babblebrook fanart my art. Hi Arcadia!Thank for reading this story and for your positive feedback! The cottage was decorated for Christmas, the presents were bought, the cards were posted, all the baking was done and the just-baked cookies were packed in their boxes. Instead of going back home,Tanya went to the  nearest phone box. Updates Keep in touch with recent updates, news and ideas of the wiki community! Peter apologized for the bad state of his cottage and thanked his sister for cleaning it and for the sandwiches and cookies. As much as I loved the calendar posts, I did really miss your wonderful stories! Discord Goodnight Moon Fan Discord is now live, click to join! I´m going to start the new year with a story that should have been posted in the middle of December. Tanya had just finished making the sandwiches when the door opened. Peter is a locally renowned thief and burglar who currently resides in Harbington. She had to talk to Peter so she decided to wait for him but at the same time she couldn´t stand the idea of having a chat with her brother in such a messy and dirty place. She reveals the queen also seeks out the POV character, as she wants to get information about Nightshade through the POV character. I love Xmas romances :-) Even my BF enjoyed it :-) Wishing you again a wonderful new year, health, joy,... and sylvanians heehee. What a great story! ". Bridgette has curly red hair that is always pulled back with a few curls framing her face. I really hope Pete calls Peace. I do hope SO MUCH, there will be a happy ending! Tanya was grateful for the information and   bought some food to prepare some sandwiches and salad for her brother. Hugs xx. Bridgette decided the POV character would need to be disguised. Tanya was silent for a moment but she reacted quickly. Tanya seems like a great sister. Although Nightshade has described the queen as being 'wretched' and wanting to use dark magic herself for better control over any opposition of her subjects, Nightshade states the queen has no business meddling with magic she does not understand. Bridgette tells us this might have to do with Nightshade's shenanigans. 250 notes. Hi Isla!This year I don't have the SF calendar so I won't do the calendar posts unless I have time to make my own photos for each month of the yearThank you for reading! No Peace and no Joy for Peter Babblebrook at Christmas Dear Readers: This is my first post in 2019 so I would like to wish you and your family a joyful, bright, healthy and happiest new year ahead. Maybe, he´ll keep his place tidy from now on. She was sure Peter was not going to get in contact with Peace, at least not just yet. Oooh, a Christmas Love Story! Keep up the awesome work! The next task on Tanyas´s to-do list was to. Tanya felt so relieved when she saw her brother. Part two will be ready soon. I don´t think my stories are good enough to write a book but I appreciate your compliment.I just do it for fun. Tanya is looking forward to Peace´s letter too.Everyday she goes to the post office to ask Postman Pete if there is mail for her brother.She really cares for him. Looking forward to part two! should have been posted in the middle of December. Deidre is stated in a letter for The Nightshade Witch to have 'shimmering curls.'. Peace promised she would write to him soon. Peace told Tanya she had been waiting for a letter from Peter but as she never got it she thought he had forgotten about her and she didn´t dare to write to him in case he had a new girlfriend. Tanya knocked on the door but nobody answered.Last time she met her brother was a few weeks ago. It’s earthy, homey, and cozy, and seems full of promise, success, power, and knowledge. She has a band of loyal and capable knights under her direct command, the so-called'Queensguard.' She looked for some cleaning stuff but she didn´t find any so she went back to her cottage and came back fully equipped to leave her brother´s place clean and tidy. She wears minimal makeup, but often has rosy cheeks. Goodnight Moon Babblebrook Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. When he was about to close the door, Tanya stuck her head in and insisted once more: "Call her, Peter! All of a sudden everything made sense to Tanya. This is my first post in 2019 so I would like to wish you and your family a joyful, bright, healthy and happiest new year ahead. It was only after decorating Tanya´s and Munchie´s cottage for Christmas when I started thinking about a couple of follow-up stories.Today´s story is the first part. Patron's Mission Consider becoming a patron today for more behind the scenes content! <3I love the pictures with Tanya, cleaning up the mess of her brother! Hi GreyRabbit!Thanks for reading!Peter is lucky to have such a good sister. Nightshade reveals that the queen wanting to better understand and grasp dark magic, seeks out the Nightshade Witch, as Nightshade is known to work heavily with dark magic.

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