Poplar (Aspen) is said to be the tree of the Autumn Equinox and of old age, and is known as the shield makers’ tree. Rowan is a tree of power causing life and magick to flower. Poplar can be used in protection charms of all kinds. This is the energy of the spiritual warrior. clairvoyance, strength, spirituality and healing. Power, purity, balance, protection and luck. Yggdrasil is another of the World Trees from shamanic beliefs worldwide. As well, a grive cab replenish in as little as 50 years. Trees not only provide us with shade and oxygen, they also provide us with food, medicine, therapy, and magic. Insight, intelligence, logic, knowledge, focus, charm and healing. Find guided tree meditations for free on YouTube and elsewhere online. Aspen tree meaning from the Greeks tells of Heliades who crashed to his death after driving the chariot of the Sun. Required fields are marked *,