By the way you’re also eligible to apply for Tricare health insurance, either Tricare Select or Tricare Prime:

Now you need your pay scale. As a member of the Army Reserve, after 20 qualifying years of service. Guard units are notorious for not having the earlier Army service dates in their database. The medical retirement will not have the pension reduction that’s part of the TERA calculation, so you should see how the MEB process turns out before requesting TERA. (Or an alert reader will let us know here on the blog.) You can estimate those future pay tables by hoping that military pay goes up 1.5% per year. When you complete those requirements (or have them waivered, or agree to retire at a lower rank), then you can apply for retirement.

Ahh well. If they can’t show you the references to explain what they should do (as described above) then your next step would be a visit to the JAG. I’m currently a member of the ARNG. Fewer days will not count or be carried over to the next fiscal year and more days past 90 will not count and will not be carried over to the next fiscal year. Accessibility/Section 508 just difficult to figure out who can help make that happen. Thanks, CWOK, and congratulations on your retirement! I hear that, Sallie. If you’re passed over you may still have to apply for TERA, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be accepted. For instance, I have 1826 points and have point value of .426 (O3 with 22 years). If so, this would be an excellent option to continue with Tricare Reserve Select for at least a few more years. The only one that works, sometimes, is the USA’s HRC portal. If your first military ID was issued after 7 September 1980 then your retirement pay base will be High Three. If you’ve deployed to a combat zone since 28 Jan 2008, or mobilized for some national emergencies, then your pension could start a few months earlier. See compensation by month and annually. Terms of Use This army retirement calculator will provide you with a comparison between the High-36 and the CSB/REDUX retirement plans; however, the actual army retirement calculator itself is not provided on the Military Pay website. It’s possible that Congress will pass legislation in the next two years to change O-5 pay, yet the last overhaul of the pay tables was in 2007. That’s the average of the 18 months of O-6 pay and the 18 months of O-5 pay for the pay tables in effect at the time you started your pension. Retired from army reserve with 22 yrs .was asked to volunteer for Army inactive duty with hip pocket orders to go to McDill AFB Tampa to open a reception station in case of a emergency conflict,Had to keep a military duffel bag maintained for the 13 years should my retirement pay be recomputed for that time? There are some exceptions to the rule. By retiring at MRD and immediately starting your Reserve O-5 pension (instead of starting it years or decades later), you had months of O-6 pay which were higher than your O-5 retirement rank. If your deployments started on 1 October and ended the following 30 September then you had four 90-day periods. For most ranks, today’s pay tables top out at longevity for 18 years of service, 20, 22, 24, 26, or 30 YOS. When you retire awaiting pay (and then start your pension early) your health insurance will shift from Tricare Reserve Select to Tricare Reserve Retired. I have my points statement and trying to get my unit to figure out dates eligible for the qualified service to reduce from age 60yo. Not quite. I held my commission for 10 years and 08 months in the Navy. It’s only for mobilizations to combat zones and (much later) national emergencies. In specific terms, you’re assuming that military pay maintains pace with the Employment Cost Index. DFAS will choose the higher amount for you when your pension starts. Retirement pay is the same whether the reservist served in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps or Air Force Reserve. These calculators are helpful to those both in the National Guard and the Reserve because both of these positions are considered non-regular, and the same calculations apply. The January 2019 High Three average would be: [($11,599.80 x 1.02) + (12 x $11,599.80) + (12 x $11,328.00) + (11 x $11,094.90) ] / 36 = $11,361.36 and your new pension amount would be $3813/month. This is likely because the My Army Benefits army retirement calculator it is the most in-depth calculator for gaining information about your retirement. If you’re not willing to accept the risk of a full mobilization, then the only way to completely avoid it is to resign. Things changed over that initial six years and now I’m at my 20 year mark in two weeks. Congratulations on your promotion, Wendy, and your dates satisfy the three-year requirement! At that point you’ll be eligible for a Reserve retirement. Thanks for the question, Andrew! It’s worth your time to have a JAG review your service records and your waiver plan to make sure that I’m not missing any details. Review AdvisoryHQ’s Terms for details. Harold, I’m a little unclear on some of the jargon like “inactive duty”, “hip pocket orders”, and “duffel bag”. You’d have to do a drill weekend plus another 5-6 days of orders or drills (every month) to get up to an average of $2900/month. The multiplier for disability retired pay is either: Either way, the multiplier is limited to 75 percent by law. (The Financial Management Regulation requires DFAS to truncate the result to the lower dollar.) Please visit our new Military Pay Charts page for up-to-date information on Reserve member pay. Thanks for your comment, ChaplainG! Is a remarried ex-spouse entitled to any of my USNR retired pay. The way they figured it comes up to $19.00 less a month than the way I figured it. Here’s the requirement list from the Tricare site at: “Members of the Selected Reserve (and their families) who meet the following qualifications: Not on active duty orders Not covered under the Transitional Assistance Management Program Not eligible for or enrolled in the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) program Note: Those members in the Individual Ready Reserve including Navy Reserve Voluntary Training Units do not qualify to purchase TRICARE Reserve Select.”. Of course the key is whether you’re able to stay on active duty to finish 20 years.

As of January 2013, Congress authorized more categories to the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act, which originally applied only to reserve-component Soldiers serving in overseas contingency operations like Iraq and Afghanistan, said Sheila Dorsey, chief, Reserve Component Retirements. Later I was passed over twice for promotion to Major (04) and was discharged in 2006. Finally, you’d add another six months of max pay for that rank in the 2009 pay table: $4521.00 * 6. Disclaimer: This is a privately owned website and is not affiliated with the U.S. government, Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, or any other government agency. I enlisted in AD USMC in 1977, completing 3 years of honorable service in 1980. I remained an E-6 throughout my 10 (1997 – 2007) years in the NCANG and retired at this grade. As Dave mentions, Combat-Related Special Compensation is different from Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay. Would this be a matter to present to DFAS? How Active-Duty Service Members Can Use the High-3 and Final Pay Military Retirement Calculators. I was on active duty for over 16 years Navy, RIF’ed after Gulf War One. That too would meet the criteria. In July 2002 you would have gone >10 years. I elected to “retire awaiting pay” as I saw that the financial upside was worth the possibility of being re-called. In addition, this retirement calculator for the army from Military Pay is recommended by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

That’s because during the grey-area years of “retired awaiting pay” you’re technically subject to activation for a total force mobilization (which last happened in WWII) and you’re considered to be serving (for the longevity column in the pay tables) as though you were on active duty right up to the day your pension starts. Maybe the result would be $2900/month. If you’re near a Reserve Center or a military base then you could stop by their personnel center to start the process. Wanted to know which scenario would benefit me more financially if I retire as a active duty with 20 years ( if I get sanctuary status) or as a gray area reservist waiting till 59.5 years old (mobilized in 2012 for OEF). Your estimate is good. The formula’s resulting dollar figure is rounded down. No one anywhere can tell me how or who can help me calculate my retirement points into time so that I can buy back this time towards my federal retirement. But if you have less than 90 days in a FY then that does not count. I stumbled across this code a few weeks ago and sent it to the ‘Retirement Services’ section for clarification. I thought my pay was just suppose to be my total points times point value for rank and years. Returning to drill status from the IRR can be difficult, but it varies by service and by specialty. I’ve seen a handful approved before the drawdown, but I haven’t heard of any sanctuary approvals in the last four years. Let me know if the “90 days in a FY” or a higher VA disability rating might be an issue and I’ll go into the gory details. It reduces the retirement age by 90 days for every 90 days (in the same fiscal year) in that combat zone. I was specifically told that “High 3″ does not apply to me. (Federal law rounds down to the dollar.). Points are accumulated based on different tasks performed and how many years one participates in the Guard or Reserve. Military members who serve their country as part of the National Guard or a branch’s reserve component may qualify for retirement benefits – including a Blended Retirement System pension and Thrift Savings Plan retirement payments.You can estimate what your potential retirement payments may be with the official BRS military pay calculator.. How to fill out each section of the BRS calculator Remember: your highest 36 months of basic pay determines your eventual pension rate. It requires DFAS to check the pay table increases against retiree COLAs for the years after you made E-9. The service secretaries can waive that requirement down to two years. That’s a complicated calculation but we can come up with an estimate and you can refine it.

If personnel branches cite the wrong clause in your friend’s orders then that error can’t be held against the military for pay or retirement purposes. What do I need to do to not have to pay the money back? As usual, you’ll have to meet all of the unit’s other requirements to be awarded that 20th good year.

I pinned on 31 Aug 2018 and was planning on retiring 31 Aug 2021. The question is whether your duty status was actually earning you points or whether it was just putting you in a position to be quickly mobilized if necessary (no points until mobilized). My pay base date is 6/87 so at that point I will have 29.5 years for pay purposes which at my current pay grade of O3E has me maxed out at $6880.

It’s also very important that those in the Reserve be aware that retirement payment is not made unless it is specifically requested. As an 0-4 with 7 years active and 13 projected reserve years, I’ll only have 3205 points after 20 years. They would be permitted to do drill and AT (for up to 29 days) but longer stints of active duty would require approval by the service’s personnel HQ. Either way, there is an army retirement pay calculator available for you! Last deployment was in 05, so I missed the ‘early pay’ too. I’m currently on a MEB procedure can I qualify to request early retirement. I understand the formula for calculating the percent based on points 11,313 points divided by 360 days based on 30 day months = 31.24 years x 2.5% 0 = 78.5%, The calculator on the My Army Benefits Website reflects my “final basic pay” as 7,845 a month, E-9 over 39 years. The Navy should indeed add in your six months and 26 days.

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