Hope renewing these will cure the problem. Omoplata off of rubber guard setup. Standing Triangle from Spider … Also Lamps can blow and break for any reason, even from mere vibrations but with another lamp fittedI suggest you check the voltage across the lamp, just to make sure it didn't blowfrom overvoltage. They will become chest heavy, making their legs very light and easy to sweep. I will follow them all until the problem is solved. I have correct speeds whatever I select. For anyone here interested in trying this kind of linear trimpot repair, the procedure is not too difficult. premium. What is so strange about this problem is that absolutely everything except the 45rpm speed worked fine for weeks after I installed the main board after getting it back from Menahem. premium. The two above belong to a gram4000. I'll have another look and see what I can find. a blown bulb should not result in a the sled responding as you suggest, Your pictures show the light sensors not a lamp! Initial tests after fixing the 45rpm speed was done with the covers fitted. no secret moves were revealed to the public with this video. as mentioned above. I will have to re-study the manual and familiarise myself with the tracking circuit. All you have to do is text “@concordiawrestling” to 23559 and you will be added. That also worked after installation and there's another UV? Keys and high in the arm pit and shoulder behind the tricep. I think most of us have taken the vow of poverty already. I really appreciate the advice and clues as to where to look. Do you think this checks out OK, looking at the attached pic? Bjj Tips. The attached pic shows the lamp lights up if start is pressed. Sounds like something in the tracking circuit went wrong.Either the lamp/sensor/interrupter (loose on the spindle ?) Here is a set up starting from your cross collar grip. and the stuff ran everywhere it shouldn't have. lol as mentioned earlier.It drags towards the left because it is fed a wrong signal from the tracking sensor, eitherthe interrupter has become lose from the tonearm base spindle, something went wrong withthe sensor or lamp assembly or the electronics are somehow misbehaving.The tracking electronics are on the main board. All functions work. The oil there has been cleaned up completely. Ambient light may confuse the sensor (at least the original sensor - I am not sure what is in there now).Have you tried with all surface panels fitted ? Posted in Arm Drag Series | Leave a reply. Beogram 4002 Series 5511: Arm Drags Cartridge Across Record Reply Contact. Beogram 4002 Series 5511: Arm Drags Cartridge Across Record. The plates at one stage was completely fitted and the problem still showed up. At this time, the platter was still not properly level and flush with the plates. The paddle (is that the slotted plate?) BJJ.WIKI is the most comprehensive source of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu videos available for free on the web. I will avoid this from now. Although I don't suspect any of the sensor devices to be faulty, I must find ways to test to see if they work. The arm then lifts, returns to rest and the turntable switches off. *) I am a bit hesitant to offer cures for platter speed issues as I know almost nothing about electronics but here goes, anyways. Anyway, I'm now looking at the possibility of non-functioning sensors. After assembling all the parts, I soldered-in the pot, pressed 45rpm and all is well. I had a vial of Leitsilber L100 conducting silver lacquer and painted the area around the two pins, thus reconnecting the contact pins once more with the carbon track inside. The other change I made was to insert the coil of brass shimstock and changed to another lubricant in the spindle bearing. Guard Attack Series: Arm Drag Arm Bar. I take it then these have nothing to do with the arm dragging problem? I already had a thorough look at the interrupter which is held with a clamp to the arm base spindle? Posted on November 1, 2015 by pwilson. Coach Kolat breaks down how to set up an arm drag. C. As you take the back they turn and square up with you – If they face off with you and prevent the back take, drop down their legs and run them over with a double leg. Arm drag to armlock series from closed guard. I am still troubleshooting the arm dragging problem and have been delving deeper into the heart of the 4002. I found these from the scrap decks. It does not need to be far out for the arm to travel continuosly inward once the stylus hits the record. Well done ! 0:57 . I have just cleaned-up the mess and vacuumed and used compressed air to get the stuff out of the black box in the pic. And of course look and double-check all the other possibilities you mentioned. The same tool can also be used to lift the top platter, btw. and found it and the surrounding area drenched in sewing machine oil. One of the reasons I made his academy my home in Las Vegas was because of how good his instruction is, so I wanted to share some of his technique with you guys.

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