These are what I like/dislike: I still use my CommSec account for it's mobile app and live-pricing, whilst all my buy orders are exclusively completed on SelfWealth. Cheers. An ANZ Share Investment Loan is subject to investment risks, including possible losses in income, capital invested and additional liability for the loan. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But it is significantly cheaper if you use CMC directly. Make sure you sign up for SelfWealth using a referral link to get 5 free trades. Cookies help us deliver our Services. In order to help you make a better informed decision, we've listed side by side, an overview of the CommSec and nabtrade share … Compare trading accounts looking at fee's, features, and expert ratings. There is an account management fee with ANZ unless you meet their trading frequency/portfolio conditions. The CommSec share trading. All of my bank accounts are currently with ANZ so I figured going with them would be the easiest. 20-minute delay. nabtrade vs CommSec features. Welcome to the Australian version of r/financialindependence, a place created for Australians to discuss the concepts of financial independence (FI) and retiring early (RE) T+2 settlement. At 35? Apologies if this gets asked frequently, I'm new to all of this. Cheers! You must have funds in your account before putting an order through. Why not retire at 45? I've started doing the same- a few large trades every couple months, and basically buying the same funds using dollar-cost-averaging so not really interested in how much they cost at the time of the trade. I personally use SelfWealth which does indeed use ANZ. Depending on your frequency of trading or portfolio value, you may have access to things free real time data streams. Find the best Online Trading account for you. ANZ Share Investing uses the CMC Markets platform (which is an excellent platform, good data, intuitive, reliable). It's one of the cheapest options out there (flat rate of $9.50 per trade, no other fees). By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. You'll have to check both websites for the specifics. Both accounts are fee-free to keep open so there is no harm in signing up for both to see which you prefer. From $10 to 0.12% depending on transaction value. Looks like I'll be going with SelfWealth to start. There is no need to work until to you are 65+ in order to access Superannuation benefits and retire. ... ANZ Share Investing customers can earn 1 Qantas Point per AU$3 spent on brokerage fees on shares, ETFs, interest rate securities, warrants and options by providing your Qantas Frequent Flyer number to ANZ Share Investing prior to trading. Are there any other ongoing fee's or pros/cons that i'm not considering? No funds required to make an order. We therefore strongly advise you talk to your financial planner, tax adviser and/or stockbroker and ensure you understand the risks, the specific tax implications as well as the legal and financial ramifications of a share investment loan. You can be financially independent early in life! CommSec offers Goldman Sachs, whereas ANZ offers MorningStar. I think directly it is $11 for a $10,000 trade, vs $24.95 through ANZ. Welcome to the concept of Financial Independence. So for that it's fine. Now it is pretty bare-bones and doesn't offer much extra functionality, but if you're going down the "buy and hold" ETF route, it usually doesn't matter. Probably looking at doing 5-10k trades every few months, so the difference in fees per trade doesn't seem like a big concern? In terms of fees, probably doesn't matter hugely if you're investing large amounts at once, although the lower the fee the better! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the fiaustralia community. Transferring funds from your bank account to SelfWealth can take 1-2 business days. Live pricing only on the order page for non-premium members. I think you missed a column when Formatting that table lol, Selfwealth use ANZ for the trading account, might make transfers between the two quick for you, Can get a referral link off ozbargain Press J to jump to the feed. ANZ Share Investing uses the CMC Markets platform (which is an excellent platform, good data, intuitive, reliable). account is one of the most well-known brokerage accounts ... CMC Markets services ANZ Bank's share investment platform and … I've moved from CommSec to SelfWealth. anz share investing vs commsec. But it is significantly cheaper if you use CMC directly. Thanks for the responses everyone. I think directly it is $11 for a $10,000 trade, vs $24.95 through ANZ.

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