The Michigan State police used several like the one pictured above as pursuit cars in the 1980s. Uniformed Officers' are definitely an attraction. However, Chevy did make a V8 rear-wheel-drive police-packaged Tahoe.

You definitely get a positive reaction with your customers always coming back for more. Benefits often cited include extra room for equipment and better outward visibility due to the higher seating position compared with sedans. The markings on early police cars were rudimentary at best, and the idea of a "police package" for a vehicle didn't show up until after World War I when automakers simply took note of the most common options police departments chose and bundled them together. This has helped Dodge reclaim leadership in the market with the Dodge Charger Pursuit, as of 2012. The Monaco was the last of its kind from Dodge as it started downsizing as demand for big engines dropped. Pictured above is a 1960 Ford Fairlane used by the Sarasota County Sheriff Department. The rise of police cars started when criminals starting to use cars. Vinyl used to produce fleet markings comes in large rolls that are fed through a plotter (cutter) or large-format printer/cutter. Further enticing police agencies is the great handling characteristics of the Dodge Charger. [15] These vehicles have markings that are visible only at certain angles, such as from the rear or sides, making these cars appear unmarked when viewed from the front. Many enforcement agencies now use some "ghost cars" or "stealth cars" with smooth tops and minimal graphics for traffic enforcement. In America, the average cop car is a tuned version of a family sedan. The engineers responsible for the base Nova and the Chevrolet Camaro collaborated to drop a 350 cubic inch V8 mated to a three-speed automatic gearbox into Nova cop cars. At Rent A Police Car we have a wide variety of genuine American Police cars that have been brought from serving on the front line in the states to us in the UK for show use and event hire. The Ford Taurus-based Police Interceptor Sedan was discontinued at the end of the 2019 model year,[11] and was not included in the 2019 Michigan State Police and U.S. National Institute of Justice evaluation. These classics were powered by a 440 cubic inch V8 with a four-barrel carburetor.
The cars are fast and strong, just the way many American drivers prefer their transportation. It wasn't until 1969 that Chrysler broke that stranglehold with its strong and reliable V8s. This ended the practice of some state police buying larger and more powerful, but higher-priced models including Buicks, Hudsons, and Chryslers. The Fox Body Mustang may have looked sharper as a cop car, but why quibble? It's still in use today in many places but is being phased out in favor of SUVs.

The designs are created in specialized computer software and sent to the machines via cable link for production. Police issue Bel Airs were powered by tuned versions of the 265 cubic inch engine found in the showroom models until 1957, when the bigger 283 became available. The fleet vehicles that were used typically came painted in a single color, most commonly white or black, from the factory and were used as such. The Ford Fairlane offered the police the combination of a low initial sticker price and a durable big block engine — a duo that few departments could resist. In the 1940s and 1950s, the "Big Three" (Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler) began to offer specialized police packages with severe duty parts. Other models such as the Chevrolet Impala (8th and 9th generations), Chevrolet Tahoe and Dodge Charger also gained a percentage of the market.

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