After Combee watched the documentary and discussed it, he agreed to file a companion bill. "[37] According to The Hollywood Reporter's Paul Bond, the film performed well in its limited theatrical release, "overcoming several negative reviews in the mainstream media". [15], Mark Stricherz of The Atlantic said that D'Souza message suffered "the intellectual pitfalls of ignoring the critics", finding that he did not contextualize Obama's phrase "You didn't build that" in America. The two wrote a screenplay with Bruce Schooley based on D'Souza's book of the same title. Diego is a young circus artist living away from his family in a dull landscape of tourist beaches and all-inclusive resorts when he must return home suddenly. Lionsgate released the film in three theaters on June 27, 2014 and expanded its distribution on the weekend of the U.S. holiday Independence Day on July 4, 2014. [59] The proposed bill required all of Florida's eighth and eleventh graders to watch America. In the film, D'Souza contends that parts of United States history are improperly and negatively highlighted by liberals, which he seeks to counter with positive highlights. Topics addressed include appropriation of Native American and Mexican lands, slavery, and matters relating to foreign policy and capitalism. In the 1890's, the young, kind-hearted but naive Stavros lived in Anatolia, where the Greek and Armenian minorities were repressed by the majority Turks, this repression which often led to violence. Hays said, "I've looked at history books and talked to history teachers and the message the students are getting is very different from what is in the movie. For one resident, eight-year-old Geovany Cesario, impending change is bittersweet. Kebabian, enraged to learn of a shipboard affair between his wife and Stavros, lodges a criminal complaint against him and rescinds his offer of a job in America, threatening Stavros with deportation back to Turkey. ", In Theo Rigby and Kate McLean's short film. Leydon said the acting in the historical re-enactments was of inconsistent quality. Stavros is entrusted by his father with the family's financial resources in a mission of hope to the Turkish capital Constantinople (renamed Istanbul in 1930), where he is to work in the carpet business of his father's cousin (Harry Davis), although his own dream is to reach the faraway land of opportunity, America. was more common than Zinn's book and was even critical of the book as pessimistic. [57][58] The Tampa Bay Times said Hays "received heavy criticism that he was foisting propaganda on children". [4], America America was filmed in 1.66:1 aspect ratio on 35-millimeter film and had its New York premiere on December 15, 1963. Nothing unusual, just another election. ", "15 Documentaries Land on Oscar's Short List", "Exclusive: Controversial 'America' sets home release", "Dinesh D'Souza's 'America' movie reviews: What critics are saying about the conservative author's new documentary", "Review: Is Dinesh D'Souza's 'America' The Worst Political Documentary Of All-Time? Sullivan said he was inspired by the History Channel miniseries The Men Who Built America, "I really thought that there was something in that style which allows you to tell a bigger story." The older man is deeply disappointed at this turn of events since he was counting on the infusion of funds to rescue his failing carpet store. The tension between wife and aging husband—one desperate to leave ... A village woman with no high school diploma becomes China's most famous poet, and her book of poetry the best-selling such volume in China in the past 20 years. Setting the stage for a presentation of their views, D'Souza and Sullivan provide counterfactual histories in which George Washington is killed during the Revolutionary War, or the country is divided following civil war, creating a world without America that would be vastly worse off. In an exclusive interview with Fox News on September 2, Searcy described the opposition the documentary received even before its release. The production, hampered by loss of its original financial backers, on-location hostility from Turkish authorities and onlookers, as well as other problems, continued into 1963. Rocchi called America "technically inept" with "clumsy" editing and added, "The sound mix is incomprehensibly sloppy. The cities were selected for premiering America since 2016: Obama's America performed well in them in 2012. Koopman brought his own historical wardrobe and horse for filming, which took place in Camden over the course of four days. [20] A preliminary fix stopped listing results for either of D'Souza's documentaries. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? [2] CinemaScore reported that its sample of opening-night audiences gave the film what The Wrap identified as a rare A+ grade on a scale of A+ to F.[27][28] In 2018, Film School Rejects said, "[It is] not a film to be found in CinemaScore’s listings on its own site, which is strange (and possibly suspect). America: Imagine the World Without Her is a 2014 American political documentary film by Dinesh D'Souza based on his book of the same name. As he becomes drunk with fame and power, will he ever be exposed as the fraud he has become? They instead involved Dave Mustaine, founder of Megadeth, who recorded a heavy metal guitar version of "The Star Spangled Banner" for the film. Re-enactment scenes were filmed in Camden, South Carolina. Diego sees poetry and purpose in this tragedy. Except for his father. Upon being questioned by her regarding his moodiness, however, he admits that he still plans to emigrate to America, using the dowry money to pay for his passage. Noté /5. Sinking even lower, he now finds himself living in an overcrowded subterranean hovel, which becomes a scene of chaos and bloodshed when it is attacked with gunfire by authorities purportedly searching for anarchists and revolutionaries. Nothing unusual, just another election. Title: [24] The UK-based Manifest Film Sales acquired rights to distribute America outside the United States with the goal of screening the documentary at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, but the screening did not take place.

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