I spoke to several people about the experience. I imagine that many of the Alpha Holy Spirit weekends culminate in the same behaviour. I think we as believeRs in Christ should avoid the Alpha course which is demonic. In section II of this session Satan’s tactics are listed: destroys; On the Sunday after another video the spirit was invited in again. You make friendships and even though Christchurch is not my local church I am made to feel welcome there at any time. There may be others, but that is a good start. I'm a year old male 50 born and live in the UK brought up in a very liberal middle class Church of England family no talk of sin, Jesus saving talking in tongues being born again ect. A quick glance at some of the ‘great’ men who endorse Alpha should also cause eyebrows to raise. Curate Nicky Gumbel prays that the Holy Spirit will come upon the congregation. Though pathetically tiny flocks of Londoners attend many Anglican services, Holy Trinity Brompton has a standing-room-only turnout of 1500. by the Holy Spirit to go and do it. the Holy Spirit. But for Gumbel and proponents of the Alpha Course, one of the signs that the Holy Spirit has descended is that the people begin to speak in tongues. Gumbel says that he still felt “cynical and hostile” until the following The higher the level I had to jump through hoops to get him and my research suggested that he didn't do interviews. You will receive and not be expected to give back. I believe that some clergy could actually do better themselves and this would enable them to make the courses they offer relevant to their communities and congregations. revelations, things that they couldn’t have known otherwise about the conditions Tiresome reliance on historical hearsay, death and fantasy became almost bearable. Part 2: https://truthinreality.com/2012/07/06/the-truth-concerning-holy-trinity-brampton/ Tricia Tillin, Christian researcher. A young worshipper falls to the floor, hands twitching. This is the method of evangelism favoured by Alpha. But how it goes down depends on who is standing at the front. He has succumbed to the New Age philosophy of experience over Truth and he has woven this into his curriculum in order to lure young Christians and nonbelievers far away from the Word of God and into the dangerous depths of demonic practices. A good way of meeting Him is to start using Tongues. 2) Reciprocity - you will be fed and looked after on an Alpha Course. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! On the course, the faithful were keen to stress that an atheist's bemusement with faith is effortlessly comparable with their continual struggle to understand their own emotional beliefs. SPOOKY! My experience did not reflect any of this. spiritual ‘parties’ [see video talk 14] and ‘play’-times (iv), then the How strange then that neither he nor anyone else at HTB thought Another speaker told us of how he had two failed marriages, was bankrupt and tried to kill himself by burning his cottage down. Christian, beware of ANYTHING that promotes feeling over God’s already spoken truth. The breath of new life into a repentant Then about 16 odd years ago I was invited by a friend to go on a Alpha course I was not sure what it was it is advertised about "the meaning of life", but turns out to be an evangelical Christian course about and I certainly had not heard of Charismatic Christians did the course did not really think much about it but hoped it may be a kick up the bum to get out and doing some stuff and appreciating life but when it ended I was a changed person, and not for the better people were going to hell, fear I would suddenly start talking in tongues, had to tell everyone I was a Christian try and convert save them, Things like being gay was wrong, I'm not gay but have never had issues with gay people I have gay friends I did not feel I was in control of my own thoughts, had 6 months off works a nervous breakdown various medications. Alpha is free, although there are recommended books several of which are written by Nicky Gumbel the Alpha leader. However, HTB curate, Nicky Gumbel, transformed than a proclamatory/doctrinal approach to spreading the gospel. people being struck dumb. understand the different nature of the work of each person in the Trinity. Do you think it's where he was abused he's moving so fast? Alpha certainly starts by preaching the gospel; the first three talks is really only one of degree, not kind. But this new course, Christianity Explored, do you have any ideas on it. Living course as though it is normal and desirable, with absolutely no and other refs). (This is why most people refuse to go to church, because upon hearing the sermon the fear someone in the congregation has spilled the beans on them). I ask when that change occurred. How to stop speaking with myself a lot when I am anxious. As displayed during Alpha, evangelical Christianity simply fails to stand up to even the most superficial scrutiny. the age of the Spirit.” [p29]. So how many of those people genuinely accepted Christ and continue to serve Him today? a course to be able to preach the gospel? Scripture in today’s religious climate in which false prophets and occult Comedy-- watch as much funny stand up comedy as you can find. the room was rising.”. done for them and a relationship with Him is not mentioned at all. Part 3: https://truthinreality.com/2012/07/06/the-alpha-split-if-you-only-have-a-few-minutes/. But if leaders do decide to use the Test everything against Scripture. A relationship with God is referred to, as is the experience of the So who needs Scripture if I have a warm fuzzy feeling and I’m shaking uncontrollably? All was good had a great time, I was leaving my partner to come home she was heading to Texas to see more friend I had to work, when I left her I said a silent pray to my god to keep her safe. Your right I don't think they mean to brainwash in fact that's probably the wrong word, It just felt like it from being very rational to feeling completely crazy. materials. So in verses 1-4 he’s saying, “Your false gift is all wrong.” But in verse 5 he’s saying, “The right thing is all right when it’s interpreted in its place.”. have nurtured, part of the Those of you who may be willing to give Gumbel the benefit of the doubt are saying, “Okay, but that’s the church, not Alpha per se.” Well, to begin with, Alpha is 100% linked with Holy Trinity Brompton (if you check you will see that their International Head Office is located at the church).

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