The Akula II submarines are 110m long and displace up to 12,770t. Decatur (Dreadnought) •

[13] In May 2010, the Navy Commander-in-Chief reported that Russia's Typhoon-class submarines would remain in service with the Navy until 2019. 23rd century

The Stallion, fired from the 650mm tubes, has a longer range of up to 100km. More Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki.

Dead Silence: Meet the Russian Akula-Class 'Stealth' Submarine . Powered by a single 190-megawatt pressurized water nuclear reactor with a high-density core, the Akula could swim a fast thirty-three knots (thirty-eight miles per hour) and operate 480 meters deep, two hundred meters deeper than the contemporary Los Angeles–class submarine.

With a submerged displacement of 48,000 tonnes,[1] the Typhoons are the largest submarines ever built,[3] able to accommodate comfortable living facilities for the crew of 160 when submerged for months on end. You can check the specs, operators, images and videos. Dimensions Despite the Akula’s poor readiness rate, they continue to make up the larger part of Russia’s nuclear attack submarine force, and will remain in service into the next decade until production of the succeeding Yasen class truly kicks into gear. (K-152 Nerpa has 8 × 533mm torpedo tubes) 40 torpedoes total, Project 971 Щука-Б (Shchuka-B, 'Shchuka' meaning pike, NATO reporting name "Akula"), is a nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) first deployed by the Soviet Navy in 1986.

November 1996: Successfully launched SLBM from the North Pole.

As with many Soviet/Russian craft, information on the status of the Akula Class submarines is sparse, at best.

The name Akula (Акула meaning "shark" in Russian) is the Soviet designation of the ballistic missile submarine class designated by NATO as the Typhoon class submarine.

The struggling Russian economy can barely afford to keep the already completed vessels operational.

These are where the OK-300 auxiliary propulsion devices are located, which can propel the submarine at up to 5 knots (9.3 km/h). Construction of Akula II began in 1991, but it was suspended for a period of ten years due to lack of funds. [10], In the early 1990s, there were also proposals to rebuild some of the Typhoon-class submarines to submarine cargo vessels for shipping oil, gas and cargo under polar ice to Russia's far flung northern territories. Two Akula IIs were scrapped before finishing construction and three were converted into Borei-class ballistic-missile submarines.

The Typhoons have been replaced by the Borei class since 2010-2011.

It gives the range, relative bearing and range rate. With a submerged displacement of 48,000 tonnes, the Typhoons are the largest submarines ever built, able to accommodate comfortable living facilities for the crew of 160 when submerged for months on end. These submarines are much quieter than early Akula class submarines and all have the SOCKS hydrodynamic sensors except Leopard.

It is the world’s superior…, MQ-4C Triton is a new broad area maritime surveillance (BAMS) unmanned aircraft system (UAS) unveiled by Northrop Grumman for the…, Get important industry news and analysis sent to your inbox – sign up to our e-Newsletter here, "Three Akula II submarines, with advanced machinery-quietening technology, have been built. Korabli VMF SSSR, Vol.

The land attack Granit missile uses inertial and terrain following guidance. destroyer, escort Despite the efforts of the greatest correspondence with the reality, there is no guarantee, that all the data is true. Information provided by sources varies widely.

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Akula-class description.

Northern Fleet.

In the last several years, Russia has also been upgrading the Akula fleet to fire deadly Kalibr cruise missiles, which were launched at targets in Syria in 2015 by the Kilo-class submarine Rostov-on-Don. Four 533-millimeter torpedo tubes and four large 650-millimeter tubes could deploy up to forty wire-guided torpedoes, mines, or long-range SS-N-15 Starfish and SS-N-16 Stallion antiship missiles.

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This article first appeared in 2017. A reserve propeller system, powered by two motors rated at 370kW, provides a speed of 3kt to 4kt. Both variants had six additional external tubes that could launch missiles or decoy torpedoes, and a new Strela-3 surface-to-air missile system. This design requires more power than single-hull submarines[citation needed]because of the greater wetted surface area, which increases drag. The new design benefited from advanced milling tools and computer controls imported from Japan and Sweden, respectively, allowing Soviet engineers to fashion quiet seven-bladed propellers.

The CEP value is a measure of the accuracy of strike on the target and is the radius of the circle within which half the strikes will impact. 7 September 2006: Test launch of the Bulava missile failed after several minutes in flight due to some problems in the flight control system. The land attack Granit missile uses inertial and terrain following guidance. The Indian Navy signed an agreement with Russia to lease a new Akula II submarine, the SSN Nerpa, for ten years.

The missile fell into the sea about a minute after the launch. The Akula I submarines—designated Shchuka (“Pike”) in Russian service—were foremost intended to hunt U.S. Navy submarines, particularly ballistic-missile submarines. [30] On 8 November 2008, while conducting one of these trials, an accidental activation of the halon-based fire-extinguishing system took place in the fore section of the vessel. The Akula Class carry up to 12 Granit submarine-launched cruise missiles.

[26] INS Chakra was officially inducted into the Indian Navy on April 4, 2012.[27][28]. [6] There are four sub-classes or flights of Shchuka, consisting of the original seven "Akula I" submarines which were commissioned between 1984 and 1990, six "Improved Akula" submarines commissioned between 1991 and 2009, one "Akula II" submarine commissioned in 1995 and one Akula III commissioned in 2001. 19 February 1988: Entered 18th division (Zapadnaya Litsa) NOR. 8 January–9 November 2002: Refit at Sevmash. [15], Despite being a replacement for many types of submarines, the Borei-class submarines are slightly shorter than the Typhoon class (170 m (560 ft) as opposed to 175 m (574 ft)), and have a smaller crew (107 people as opposed to 160).

Most Akulas have the SOCKS[citation needed] hydrodynamic sensors, which detect changes in temperature and salinity. They have a different arrangement of limber holes on the outer hull than Akula Is.

Their overall layout was similar to the later Norway-class starships, minus the phaser hanging below the main hull.

He currently writes on security and military history for War Is Boring. Whereas the Russian Navy's Akula-II could be equipped with 28 nuclear-capable cruise missiles with a striking range of 3,000 km (1,620 nmi; 1,864 mi), the Indian version was reportedly expected to be armed with the 300 km (162 nmi; 186 mi)-range 3M-54 Klub nuclear-capable missiles. [10] 'Pantera' returned to service in January 2008 after a comprehensive overhaul. The submarine, renamed INS Chakra, was recommissioned by the Indian Navy in April 2012. Within seconds the halon gas had displaced all breathable air from the compartment. In reserve since 2006, the fate of the submarine is unknown.

Dead Silence: Meet the Russian Akula-Class 'Stealth' Submarine . [13] K-157 Vepr became the first Soviet submarine that was quieter than the latest U.S. attack submarines of that time, which was the Improved Los Angeles class (SSN 751 and later). They could however be modified to carry cruise missiles or to lay mines, or could be used in special operations. The Akula II is some meters longer and displaces about 700 tons (submerged displacement) more than the Akula I. NX (Columbia • Poseidon) •

June 2001–December 2002: Repairs at Sevmash. These changes were in part designed to reduce the cost to build and maintain the submarines.

[5], The Russian Navy cancelled its Typhoon modernization program in March 2012, stating that modernizing one Typhoon would be as expensive as building two new Borei-class submarines.

The Soviet advances in sound quieting were of considerable concern to the West, for acoustics was long considered the most significant advantage in U.S. submarine technology compared to the Soviets.

[7], Besides their missile armament, the Typhoon class features six torpedo tubes designed to handle RPK-2 (SS-N-15) missiles or Type 53 torpedoes.

The torpedo tubes can be used to launch mines instead of torpedoes. December 1982: Transferred from Severodvinsk to Zapadnaya Litsa.

[citation needed]. These ships – after the considerable engineering required to develop technologies to transfer oil from drilling platforms to the submarines, and later, to the waiting tankers – would then deliver their cargo world-wide.[11].

surfaced:8,140 tons Akula I and Akula I Improved8,450–8,470 tons Akula II and III, 4 × 533mm torpedo tubes (28 torpedoes) and 4 × 650mm torpedo tubes (12 torpedoes) December 2003: Sea trials; refitted to carry a new. Redubbed the INS Chakra, it served as India’s only nuclear powered submarine for years, armed with the short-range Klub cruise missile due to the restrictions of the Missile Technology Control Regime.

The submarine is rated for a diving depth to 600m.

Akula-class Norway (Oslo) • The added space was used for additional quieting measures. As of 2017, the submarine is still in active service.

K-157 Vepr is the only completed Akula II[citation needed]. Sébastien Roblin holds a master’s degree in conflict resolution from Georgetown University and served as a university instructor for the Peace Corps in China.

The 111-meter-long vessel was distinguished by its elegant, aquadynamic conning tower and the teardrop-shaped pod atop the tail fin which could deploy a towed passive sonar array. Saber (Gladius • Rapier • Ushaan) • Chimera heavy destroyer (Manticore) • All submarines before K-391 Bratsk have reactor coolant scoops that are similar to the ones of the Typhoon class SSBNs, long and tubular.

STARSHIP CLASS Key Point: Despite the Akula’s poor readiness rate, they continue to make up the larger part of Russia’s nuclear attack submarine force. The distinctive "bulb" or "can" seen o… 20 September 1989 – 1991: Repairs and refit at Sevmash to Project 941U. Names were later assigned to the four vessels retained by the Russian Navy, which were sponsored by either a city or company.

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